jill off with one hand

jill off with one hand

poor jill! the queen has tied her up and thrown her into the dungeon for her entertainment! jill finds captivity liberating, however – with her legs bound, she doesn’t need to worry about those tricky left and right movements. she can focus on jumping and flapping, both of which she’ll need to do to keep herself clear of spikes and flames. jill off with one hand! yes, it is a one-switch jill off spin off that inverts the goal of the original by asking you to keep playing for as long as possible. (here’s a mac version.)

this game was made over the course of buy nothing day and the following day. it seemed appropriate to create instead of merely consume on the twenty-eighth. this is why i like games like knytt stories, bangai-o spirits, and other games with editors – they give players the opportunity to create instead of just destroy. my last forty-eight hour game was your electronic arms, put together in a weekend almost a year ago before i left for plainold texas, in case i wouldn’t get the chance to work on my own games while i was there. naturally, it would be there that i would put together mighty jill off.

i actually designed this game as an exercise in preparation for an interview i had with a mobile games studio. how could i reimagine one of my games to work best on a mobile phone? i find that one-switch games tend to work best on cell phones, which typically have one big easy-to-press button among a bunch of small, hard-to-differentiate ones and a disc that can usually approximate an inaccurate d-pad. mighty jill off, like bomb jack, packs a few verbs into a single button, so it was just a matter of designing away the need to move left and right.

by the way, the results of the everybody jill off contest went up the other day. see the entries here!

16 thoughts on “jill off with one hand”

  1. It’s great, just like Mighty Jill Off!
    My record is 1:10, but I’ll try again later :P
    The music reminds me of Auf Wiedersehen Monty for the C64, you should make a Jill game with similar gameplay :)

    BTW did you check my comment on your La La Land post?

  2. yes, i saw it, but i forgot to reply! sorry!

    i’m really curious about neftelia. i’m interested in those sorts of games that use the inherent abstraction of videogames to produce surreal and unnerving experiences. this is the first i’ve heard of neftelia and what footage there is of it on youtube looks intriguing.

    have you played lsd?

  3. It’s very fun. I like the new art quite a bit.

    I got to 1:24, which makes me better than Bowser!


  4. OH SNAP

    Well, I got 0:01 once!


    It’s actually a bug I noticed. If you cancel your jump fast enough, and jump again, Jill jumps high enough to go off the screen and die.

  5. that was also a bug with the original mighty jill off (which lends routines to this version) that i was never able to pin down and get rid of.

    this is why in my new projects – like the nail ‘n scale game – i script all the platforming myself. mighty jill off was my first platformer, and i relied pretty heavily on game maker’s in-built platforming functions, the result of which is i can’t always predict why the game behaves the way it does.

    it seems hard to do by accident, since i encountered it all of once in all my playtesting of jill off one-handed. who of you’s going to be the first to break five minutes?

  6. i’ve heard of soup but i’ve never gotten it to run. lsd is interesting because it’s three-dee and first-person where most of these types of games seem to be two-dee – abstraction being the key to achieving the tone that they do. but lsd is early playstation three-dee, so it’s fragile and abtract enough to reach the same kind of mood.

  7. Holy crap, I loved this

    I love that they’re playing Calamity Annie

    You’re building a rich little world, here!

  8. designing the game was purely a mental exercise, to prepare myself for the interview. having planned the game, i finally decided to implement it this past weekend.

  9. I always dig one button gaming.

    The bombjack mechanic is a bit fiddly– I’m not sure if this game “makes sense” without that experience…

    also, w/ a hypothetical mobile device, you might get different levels of playability based on the physical mechanics of the button.

    But still, pretty nifty.

    Thoughts on the sprite one thread over.

  10. it’s definitely not a game for people who havn’t played mighty jill off – this game doesn’t teach how to use jill’s abilities at all. it assumes the player is familiar with them from playing the original game.

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