Things I've written appear in these forthcoming books:\n\n☽ [[Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers|]]\n☽ [[Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Start-Up Culture|]]\n☽ [[The State of Play: Sixteen Voices on Video Games|]]\n☽ [[Videogames for Humans: Twine Authors in Conversation|]]\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
[[Twine|]] is a free tool for making hypertext games. They're sort of like Choose Your Own Adventure books. This very page was made in Twine!\n\nYou can read [[a tutorial I wrote|]] on getting started making your first Twine game. It's also available in print-and-staple-yourself [[zine form|]].\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
You can buy games of mine on [[|]]!\n\nYou can buy zines I've written on [[Selz|]]! Zines are available in paper or PDF formats, but I only ship to the US currently. Sorry!\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
anna's homepage
You meet a big gay witch! She says, "Hi! I'm anna anthropy!"\n\n☽ [[What's the latest?|Latest]]\n☽ [[I'm new around here.|New]]\n☽ [[Who's this anna anthropy?|anna]]\n☽ [[Take me to your blog.|]]\n\n<small><small>Illustration by [[Solomon Fletcher|]]. This typeface is [[Amble|]]. This page was made in [[Twine]].\n\n''Address inquires to collectfruit at gmail dot com.''</small></small>
My newest book, [[ZZT|]], is a personal history of a DIY games community in the 90s.\n\nMy first book, [[Rise of The Videogame Zinesters|]], is about the importance of alternative games and how to start making them.\n\nI've also written [[Star Wench|]], [[A Game Design Vocabulary|]] (with Naomi Clark), and [[lots of zines|]].\n\n☽ [[Anything coming up?|UpcomingBooks]]\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
I've made lots of games! For a good sample of my work, see this [[selected games|]] page.\n\nSome good starting games are:\n☽ [[Gay Cats Go to the Weird Weird Woods|]]\n☽ [[Triad|]]\n☽ [[The Hunt for the Gay Planet|]]\n\nTo support the development of my games and get access to constant updates and previews, visit my [[Patreon|]]!\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
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I've written a bunch of interactive fiction using a tool called [[Twine]].\n\nHere are some stories to try:\n☽ [[Star Court|]]\n☽ [[Queers in Love at the End of the World|]]\n☽ [[The Mystery of the Missing Mythics|]]\n☽ [[And the Robot Horse You Rode in On|]]\n\n[[Twine and Punishment|]] is a collection of pulp interactive fiction about queer space outlaws.\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
anna anthropy
Nice to meet you! What are you interested in?\n\n☽ [[I want to play games!|Games]]\n☽ [[Tell me about interactive fiction.|InteractiveFiction]]\n☽ [[I'm looking for a Twine tutorial.|Twine]]\n☽ [[I want to buy your things!|Buy]]\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
anna is a 3X-year-old teen witch living in Oakland, California with her familiar, [[Encyclopedia Frown|]]. She's made a bunch of [[games|Games]]. She's written a few [[books|Books]] and a ton of [[zines|Buy]]. She also [[draws stuff|]] and attempts to preserve [[game history|]].\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]
For my latest releases, check my [[blog|]]!\n\nFor continuous updates on projects I'm working on, see my [[Patreon|]]!\n\nAnd for constant garbage, follow my [[Twitter|]]!\n\n☽ [[Back|Start]]