The following story was written as a series of emails between [[anna anthropy|]] and [[madamluna|]] over the course of three months.\n\nIt features sex, objectification, forced imprisonment, hard tickling, hungry spider-queens, and non-consensual scenarios.\n\n[[begin|1]]
<html><font color="peachpuff">I squirm and inch a little closer to the spider-queens, rolling pathetically onto my side like a grub as I try to look up at them. "<small>I mean it,</small>" I huff, exhausted. "<small>I'm surveying for an, an expedition. Archaeological expedition,</small>" I fumble. "<small>I could lead a huh, a hundred dumb girls down here.</small>"</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 21>><<endreplace>>
<html>yellow turns to her partner, stuffing a few fingers in your mouth while she speaks. "<span class="yellow">we could be sitting on a real opportunity here. imagine our little pied piper marching armies of eager flies onto our dinner table.</span>" she growls a little. "<span class="yellow">think of this web just fat with sumptuous little bodies. a stocked larder of plump cocoons. we could lie back and peel them like fat grapes. we could let this little grublet do all the work.</span>" an evil smile suddenly blossoms on red's face.<br>\n<br>\nyellow slides her fingers out of your mouth - your face is already soaked with drool - and addresses you for the first time. "<span class="yellow">would you want to be our hunter, slave? to catch bright-eyed little grubs like yourself and drag them down here on their own lubricated pussies and spread them on our web like offerings at an altar? knowing</span>" - her fingers wiggle in the air beside you, and you jump - "<span class="yellow">EXACTLY what's going to happen to them. does the thought of that get you wet? could you be a predator of your own kind?</span>"</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 22>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">I lick my lips with my fumbling tongue as I nod, my head bouncing on my neck like rubber. I blink the tears out of my eyes, let them run hot down my cheeks, as Miss Yellow's words paint pictures inside my fogged-up brain. Pudgy girls like me, wound up tight in silky cocoons, feet and tummies exposed, evil spider-queen legs and fingers traveling over them, and me in a corner, laughing, if they'd let me. Tying them up, if they'd let me. Caning them, maybe, if they'd let me...<br>\n<br>\n"<small>Y-yeah,</small>" I pant breathlessly. "<small>I can, I can do that...</small>"</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 23>><<endreplace>>
<html>yellow smiles wide, almost laughing, it feels like, at the idea of you scurrying around her feet, tying down girls for the two spider-queens. a pet.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">fuck it,</span>" says red. "<span class="red">i'm hungry NOW,</span>" grabbing your hair and leaning in to smell your soft neck. she makes an almost feral noise, a moan or a growl.<br>\n<br>\nin a panic, you look towards yellow. she shrugs at you, but she doesn't stop smiling. those teeth look very, very sharp. you're about to learn just how sharp.<br>\n<br>\n<center><b>THE END<br>\n<br>\nyou have achieved the rank of: SPIDER BAIT</b></center>\n</html>
uh oh. you were out for an innocent stroll through the dungeon when you suddenly felt a weird tug on your ankle. you twist around, looking behind you - you don't see anything, but your leg is still stuck, held by some unseen force. oh no - when you hold your head at the right angle you can see it. your ankle's caught in a spider web. a big one. this can only be the web of a spider-queen. oh fuck fuck fuck\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 2>><<endreplace>>
<html>your squirming just seems to be getting you more and more stuck, silly girl! but then you hear something that stops you instantly.<br>\n<br>\na faint clicking on the dungeon floor. you begin counting legs - you stop at eight. oh shit. maybe if you stay still, if you keep quiet, she won't come looking for you! in the silence, the clicking seems to becoming from all around you. but it's definitely growing louder.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">well, well, well.</span>" a spider-woman-- a spider-goddess-- a spider-queen ducks into the chamber, smiling at the sight of you. she's tall,towering above you, her skin a <span class="red">red</span> like sunset on adobe. her long, flowing hair is blue. and so is her lower torso - the smooth, chitinous body of a spider, carrying itself on eight tip-toe points.<br>\n<br>\nshe's smiling at you. there are fangs in her smile. "<span class="red">what have we here?</span>"<br>\n<br>\nbut the clicking doesn't seem to have stopped. you twist in your web enough to look behind you - a second spider-queen taps into the room. t-two spider-queens?? this one has bright <span class="yellow">yellow</span> skin and hot red hair, cropped short. she doesn't say anything. she's just licking her lips.</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 4>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">I try not to panic. Instead, I squint my eyes, moving my head back and forth to make absolutely sure that that's a spider web and not, I don't know, a figment of my imagination.<br>\n<br>\nIt is not a figment of my imagination. It is a big ass fucking spider web and the more I try to jerk my ankle free the more the barely-visible strands wrap around it, dragging me closer and making the web shake even more. But I don't see a spider-queen around anywhere, so maybe if I'm fast enough I can make it out before she comes back?!<br>\n<br>\nWorking my fingertips into the edge of the stone tiles on the floor I try to drag myself away. IT DOESN'T SEEM TO BE WORKING TOO WELL</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 3>><<endreplace>>
<html>"<span class="red">should we fuck it or eat it?</span>" the red spider asks, ignoring you. she puts an end to your cutting by tugging you back onto the web by your hair, like you'd grab a piece of onion that was rolling away while you cut it. you can feel the web cling to your back, your arms, your little pocketknife useless in your hand.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">you always limit yourself,</span>" asks her partner, grinning into your eyes as she takes the knife out of your hands and tosses it. "<span class="yellow">let's fuck it, THEN eat it!</span>" you just whimper in response, not even words anymore, just scared little animal noises as they begin to strip your terrified body.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">sounds good to me,</span>" red says, her fingers reaching to pull up your shirt as yellow begins tugging on your skirt. but when the tips of her fingers graze your tummy you YELP, bucking in the web - which holds you tight as a seatbelt, don't worry. you're theirs.<br>\n<br>\nthere's silence for a minute. you're afraid to make another sound, twenty spider-queen fingers poised over your body. then they smile at each other, two sets of teeth on display, and you're caught in between them. "<span class="red">or,</span>" says red, "<span class="red">we could do what we did to that other one. you remember. the squirmer.</span>"<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">remember!</span>" says yellow, meeting your eyes again, "<span class="yellow">i think about it every time i jerk off. look how it's shaking. this one's lots of energy. i bet it'll last a long time.</span>"<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">i bet you're right,</span>" says red. and they begin delicately stripping you.</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 6>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">"<small>Ah!</small>" I stammer out, struggling in the web. "<small>I-I'm sorry! I'll get out of your way in a second, I just got stuck!</small>" As if that isn't the entire fucking point of a spider web.<br>\n<br>\nBy this time, the silk is wrapped around my ankle so thick it's like a big chunky leg warmer. I have a pocketknife with me, but it'd probably just get stuck. But I flick it open anyway and start to saw at the spider silk, even as sixteen big intimidating legs start to tap-tap-tap closer and closer.<br>\n<br>\n"<small>I didn't think two spiders shared the same web,</small>" I laugh nervously. I try not to think about how fucked I am. OH MY GOD, I'M SO FUCKED</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 5>><<endreplace>>
<html>"<span class="yellow">look at this,</span>" yellow laughs, stroking your wet lips slowly with the tip of a chitinous leg. "<span class="yellow">i think it likes this.</span>" she doesn't stop stroking.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">you're right. this is gonna be fun,</span>" says red as she reinforces your bindings with fresh threads. she binds your arms together over your head - you flinch as her fingertips pass close to your armpits. your legs, on the other hand, she spreads those nice and wide, belting your ankles and thighs into place with unbreakable silk.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">do you think it knows what's going to happen to it?</span>" red asks, watching you inadvertently test her new threads as you tremble. yellow is still stroking your pussy.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">oh, i think it knows,</span>" she says, letting a few fingertips scramper along your side. FUCK! you jump, and the whole web shivers like a hammock, slowly becoming still. your captor laughs at you. she's looking you dead in the eyes. "<span class="yellow">where should we start?</span>"<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">we have four hands between us,</span>" red responds with a smile. "<span class="red">we could start everywhere.</span>"<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">oh no,</span>" yellow says, though she's enjoying your panic. "<span class="yellow">i don't want to rush this. let's take this nice and slow.</span>"<br>\n<br>\nher hand hovers over you, fingers curling and uncurling slowly as it roams over your bare, restrained body. your eyes follow it inescapably. you can hear a noise coming out of you, primitive and scared. "<span class="yellow">let's start . . . HERE!</span>"</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 8>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">My attempt at small talk fails miserably, which hurts my ego only slightly less than being tugged back into a spider's web by my hair does. But when I'm squirming in a web and trying not to brush against the fingertips of two hungry spider-queens, those things have a way of falling way, way into the back of my mind.<br>\n<br>\nOr, to put it more accurately: SHIT SHIT NO AAAHHH AHHH THEY KNOW I'M TICKLISH NOOOO.<br>\n<br>\nI start doing the math in my head as they start pulling the clothes off my body. Two pairs of hands is twenty fingers plus two sets of eight long, brightly colored tap-tap-tapping legs, wandering between my thighs as they tug my skirt down. God, I can see the texture on those legs, shiny and glossy, and my hips start to buck as they wander closer. <br>\n<br>\nWhen they hook their fingers into the waistband of my panties and pull them down, a thin string of girl-juice comes with it. Jesus Christ. I am so, so, <i>so</i> fucked.</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 7>><<endreplace>>
<html>"<span class="yellow">i think it's trying to beg,</span>" yellow says, her fingertips working your tender thigh meat. they crawl down between your legs, exploring. you scream. it's a good thing you're twisting too much to get a good look at her eyes, cause they LIT UP at the sound. not that you need to be convinced of how fucked you are. you're way beyond words now, dumpling.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">i could gag it,</span>" red suggests. detaching her hands from your trembling body and sliding one of them over your mouth. you whimper into her palm as her mate's fingers dance along your inner thighs. for all the nothing talking has earned you from these ladies, the thought of being denied the ability to even plead fills you with terror.<br>\n<br>\nred's other fingertips are idly teasing around your ear, and it's driving you crazy. "<span class="yellow">nah, i like hearing it beg,</span>" yellow says. "<span class="yellow">greedy meat. maybe it'd prefer we fucked it.</span>" tucked between your thighs, her vicious fingers are just inches from your jealous pussy. she slides them up the seams between your thighs and your legs. you yelp into red's hand.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">like i said,</span>" says red, "<span class="red">we have four hands between us. one of us could fuck it while the other one could tickle it.</span>" they aren't tickling right now, just resting their fingers on your bound body. your tummy gently heaving as you try and catch your breath. red slides two fingers into your mouth, and you moan around them without thinking.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">you're always trying to rush things. there are so many more places i wanna try. we've barely scratched the surface.</span>" she lets her nails drag down your thigh, and you yelp again, or you moan again, or maybe it's both.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">yeah. i'm dying to see if these pits are as tender as they look.</span>" red lets her twenty fingers walk down the web until they're perched beside your shit-terrified armpits.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">and this soft little belly,</span>" says yellow, her fingertips closing in on it, so close that in your terror you can almost feel them on you even though they're not. yet. "<span class="yellow">let's see how much begging we can squeeze from this fly.</span>" sounds are bubbling out of you but they can't quite claim to be words. your captors are both smiling.<br>\n<br>\nthen they dig into you like a present. they dig into you like a feast.</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 10>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">HERE turns out to be right between my thighs, that soft smooth sensitive zone that sends my legs zooming together, trying to clamp down tight. But it doesn't work, and instead I end up jiggling in the web like a delicious dessert. "<small>F-Fuhuhuck!</small>" I wheeze, somewhere between a wail and a laugh. "<small>Nohoho, no no! No no I'm ticklish th--</small>"<br>\n<br>\nI can barely get out "ticklish" before another pair of hands winds behind my legs, tickling the backs of my knees, and soon I'm jerking my legs all over like I'm trying to dance right off the web. "<small>No, no, nononohohono,</small>" comes out of my mouth in harsh wheezes, and I can't tell if I'm trying to get away or trying to grind against those fingers. They almost, almost, <i>almost</i> brush up against my lips, and it is maddening and I can feel myself leaking onto the web, getting wet on my thighs and my ass and the strands that hold me up.<br>\n<br>\n"<small>Please please please no more,</small>" I try to push out, or something like it. "<small>Please please no tickling! Ple-heeease!</small>"</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 9>><<endreplace>>
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<html>"<span class="yellow">look at this,</span>" says yellow, moving her hand just out of reach of your hips. "<span class="yellow">it must REALLY want to be fucked.</span>" her voice sounds like it's coming from far away, somewhere past the sound of your own wordless whimpering.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">it can wait,</span>" says her partner. they've stopped tickling you, you realize, but your sweat-soaked body is twitching of its own volition, like they're still at it. every time one of them so much as moves, you jump. "<span class="red">i haven't gotten to my favorite part.</span>" when you see where she's looking, you let out a low whine that you can't stop.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">maybe we can compromise,</span>" yellow says, stroking a slow fingertip up and down your pussy. your whine becomes a moan. but then you notice red inches from your caught, naked foot, watching your toes curl with fascination.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">i'll keep touching the little fly,</span>" continues yellow, her finger sliding up and down frustratingly slowly, teasingly, "<span class="yellow">as long as it can keep quiet.</span>" you bite your lip shut, but already it's hard, with that finger on your pussy. "<span class="yellow">the moment it makes a sound...</span>"<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">the moment it makes a sound,</span>" says red, "<span class="red">we tickle the shit out of it.</span>" she is looping threads around your wiggling toes and tying them back, fastening them to the web. oh god oh god. it takes all of your willpower not to scream right then, your foot strung taut and helpless beneath her fingers. she hasn't even started tickling yet!<br>\n<br>\nyellow chuckles. she's stroking your pussy still, maddeningly slowly, taking long pauses in between each stroke. your mouth is clamped as tight as you can.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">i've always had a special fascination for these. how do they get around on such soft, tender, sensitive things?</span>" a light fingertip begins to trace the edge of your tied, twitching foot.</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 12>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">Red slides her fingers out of my mouth and lets my wet, messy scream fill the air, a scream that turns into a great big mess of hacks and wheezes as I flop back and forth on the web like a fish. I shudder, I gulp, I try to swallow as much as I can, but I'm covered in drool and sweat and TEARS, SO MANY TEARS. I try not to think about being a slimy slug on a web.<br>\n<br>\n"<small>Pleeeheee,</small>" I wheeze, "<small>nnnuhhh,</small>" but it's not working. I'm trying to get out "PLEASE, NO, PLEASE FUCK ME, PLEASE DON'T TICKLE THE SHIT OUT OF ME," but all I'm managing is a long series of screams and groans and gasps that sound like I'm being punched in the stomach.<br>\n<br>\nI'm trying to squirm back and forth, move my elbows down and trap those probing hands between my arms and my sides so they can't move, but it doesn't work, and it's SO SENSITIVE and those hard-light probing-dusting touches are driving me crazy and I can't tell if I'm more upset because I'm being tickled or because I'm not being fucked. YOU'RE SO CLOSE, I scream (in my head? hard to tell by now), bucking my hips up and trying to force Ms. Yellow's fingers down to my pussy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE--</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 11>><<endreplace>>
<html>"<span class="yellow">did you hear something?</span>" yellow says with a terrible, mocking smile on her face. SHIT. she's stopped touching you, holding her finger an inch out of reach of your teased, needy pussy.<br>\n<br>\nred, ON THE OTHER HAND, hasn't stopped, her finger tracing slowly beneath your tied, twitching toes. "<span class="red">come to think of it, i do hear something.</span>" they close their mouths, and in the silence, you can hear something: a low, trembling whine. you start crying again when you realize it's coming from you, and you don't seem to be able to stop it.<br>\n<br>\nfor a long minute, they just listen to you. don't tickle me, don't tickle me, don't tickle me, don't-<br>\n<br>\nand then the finger on your foot turns into claws, at the same time yellow grabs the toes of your other foot, holding them back while the itchy fingers of her other hand begin exploring your sole. oh boy, dumpling, does she find all the spots. you're screaming, now that you're allowed to, you're shrieking your little throat hoarse as they roast your little piggies, all of them at the same time, five hot little fingers on each sole. you can feel your voice start to go scratchy, and the thought that it might go away in leave you here in the darkness with these two hungry spiders is too terrifying to bear.<br>\n<br>\nyou're bawling like a baby when you look up at yellow leaning over you and realize they aren't tickling anymore. well. red is sucking and nibbling on your bound toes, letting her hot tongue dip and slide around between them, and that makes your overstimulated body twitch and giggle. it also makes your pussy lift, without even asking you first, toward yellow's hand.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">i want to fuck the little slut now.</span>"<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">i want to hear begging,</span>" red says from between your toes, tongue curling around a trembling toe like a snake around a fat little mouse, like a tentacle.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">deal,</span>" says yellow. "<span class="yellow">if it stops begging, i'll stop fucking it.</span>" she reaches and runs two fingers along your pussy, not lightly, teasingly like before, but assertively, a for-real-this-time stroke that has your entire body moving to follow it - to the extend that it can, the way you're tied. the way she smiles you can see her fangs.<br>\n<br>\nbetter start begging, spider-bait.</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 14>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">I'm biting my lip, but my teeth are chattering so much that I'm worried I'm gonna draw blood. I'm letting out long <i>hfffff hfffff</i> breaths through my nose, but then I jump when Red's finger brushes the edge of my foot. <i>Hffff! Hff-hf-hff!</i><br>\n<br>\nI'm trying not to moan or scream or cry, but tears are making their way out of the edges of my eyes as Yellow strokes my pussy up and down. It feels really good, REALLY REALLY GOOD, and I try to rock back and forth in the web, pushing my greedy pussy against her fingers. I keep wanting to curl my toes, but I can't--the web holds them taught and instead they just wiggle uselessly in the air. I can hear something that sounds like a spider-queen's snicker.<br>\n<br>\nSomething brushes the sole of my foot, something like a nail, something like a CLAW, and I let out a squeak through my closed lips. <i>Oh, shit! Oh shit oh shit oh shit!</i> I screw my eyes tight and try not to cry out as tears stream down my face and my feet try to jerk towards each other.</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 13>><<endreplace>>
<html>yellow laughs at you.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">go on,</span>" her partner says. "<span class="red">i want to hear you fuck it.</span>"<br>\n<br>\nshe does, stroking your pussy hard and then letting her fingers find your needy little clit. you mumble words desperately, terrified she's going to stop fucking you: mostly "<small>please</small>" and "<small>fuck</small>" and "<small>please fuck me.</small>" FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. your hips roll with her fingers, your hot body trembling. red occasionally drags her nails over the sole of your foot, and you scream and blubber. your begging becomes babbling, just the word "<small>fuck</small>" over and over and over, when it's actually words. and she does, she slides a finger inside you and works your clit YES YES YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and soon you come, your toes curling painfully against their restraints, with a long low moan, growly and desperate and going on for seeming hours. you melt into a hot, cooling smear, forgetting your bondage, just feeling weightless in the soft, supporting web.<br>\n<br>\nat some point, you become aware of a weird density in your mouth. it's spider-silk. it's a gag. you open your eyes and they're both looming over you, grinning their fangs and curling their fingers. you manage to get out one muffled whimper before they begin.<br>\n<br>\nthey work every inch of your wet little mess of a body, your every inch hyper-twitch and sensitive after your fuck. you feel their fingers coming miles away, and you feel them doubly so when they're drilling into your hot skin. they glide over your shrieking, slickened body like fingers on oil. they get your pits, your sides, your hips and thighs, your grasping toes, they reach under you and work your shivering ass. the gag is convenient cus you're past words now, just shrieking slut-meat in a web. they torture you into a steaming little dough, they bake you in their oven.<br>\n<br>\nwhen you're able to blink the tears out of your eyes enough to see, they've switched positions - red is between your legs, and yellow is over your arms, her fingertips crawling toward your helpless pits.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">my turn to fuck the slut,</span>" red says with a smile.</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 16>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">"<small><i>Please!</i></small>" I bust out begging, tears still staining my face. "<small><i>Please</i> fuck me, miss! Ma'am! Pleeease, please please, puh-please fuck me!</small>"<br>\n<br>\nNormally I'm more eloquent than this, but FOR SOME REASON I can't quite get it together to say anything other than "please please fuck me." But my hips are pushing up OVER AND OVER towards yellow's hand, my body squirming and pushing up, jutting my hips up. "<small>Please fuck, uhmh, th-the little slut,</small>" I eke out, my voice dropping and wheezing. "<small>I'll do anything, anythinggg...</small>"<br>\n<br>\nIn the back of my mind, what I'm most afraid of right now is the idea that they're lying, that they're going to laugh in my face and not fuck me and the idea makes me want to flop down and die.<br>\n<br>\n"<small>I REALLY REALLY NEED TO BE FUCKED,</small>" I croak out in admission, squeezing a few more tears out of my eyes.</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 15>><<endreplace>>
<html>maybe you come, fingers screaming in your armpits, maybe you come over and over as fingers work your tortured pussy until it hurts to be touched. it's all the same, the tickling, the fucking. you convince yourself that neither of them will ever stop, that you're spider-queen fuck meat from now until the day you die, they'll bury you laughing and coming, wrapped in a silk cocoon shroud.<br>\n<br>\nyou wake up in the hot slime of your tears, your jizz, sweat and snot, a plump little grub in a spider's web, helpless and ripe. red is touching herself, watching your fingers, your eyes, your toes and pussy twitch involuntarily. when she sees you looking, she lets you watch a blue tongue drag itself over a landscape of sharp teeth. "<span class="red">all this workout,</span>" she says slowly, between moans, "<span class="red">has worked up my appetite.</span>"<br>\n<br>\nshe's leaning over you, inhaling the scent of your sweat-drenched, come-dampened body, deciding whether she wants to take a bite of a hot thigh or a juicy neck. all you're doing is silently crying.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">wait,</span>" says yellow, pulling her away for a moment. "<span class="yellow">we had fun with this one, right? what if we - keep it?</span>" her eyes twinkle.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="red">i'm hungry,</span>" red growls, turning her eyes toward you, but yellow coaxes them back onto her.<br>\n<br>\n"<span class="yellow">we could keep it wrapped up somewhere in a back cavern. catch other food, but take it out whenever we want to play.</span>" she starts stroking her mate, leaning in and lowering her tone. "<span class="yellow">unwrap it. play with it for hours. fuck it, over and over. we could take TURNS.</span>" she's nuzzling red's neck with her lips while she talks. "<span class="yellow">it could be like our little pet. we could fuck with it forever.</span>"<br>\n<br>\nred looks like she's considering, or else she's just very distracted by her partner's touches. you notice your gag's come out of your mouth somewhere in your struggling and flailing. if you have anything to say in your defense, now's the time!</html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 18>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">"<small>Hhhhhh,</small>" I try to eke out, my breath hissing through the dense strands of spider-silk. It's hard to breathe around the gag, and I snuffle through my wet nose and my hot tears. "<small>Hhhhh.</small>" <br>\n<br>\nMy body is hot all over from sweat and my come's stringy between my thighs, and I'm shaking and huffing and I can make out a big red teary blur in front of me, her blue-nailed claws stretching out over my skin. "<small>I'm done, no more,</small>" I mumble uselessly into my gag, but my pussy is twitching and my hips are trying to shrink back and at this point I can't even tell if I want to be fucked again and again and again.<br>\n<br>\n<i>I'm gonna come again</i>, I think, staring at her, and the thought completely terrifies me. <i>They're going to make me come over and over and I'll never be able to stop, I'm going to be their prey forever, they're going to make me come until I die--</i><br>\n<br>\nAnd then I let out a SHRIEK and JUMP because AAH AHHHH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON MY ARMS AHHH IT'S FURRY TARANTULA PRICKLES NO NO NO NO NO---------</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 17>><<endreplace>>
yellow is surprised and - amused? - by the sound of your voice. she watches you with curious eyes, listening, idly stroking your belly with her fingertips as she does so. red listens too, arms crossed, but the look in her eyes is impatient. hungry.\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 20>><<endreplace>>
<html><font color="peachpuff">What do I say? What can I say? I don't know what, but I sure as hell better try something, and as I pull my lips apart I can hear myself let out a low, hoarse croak. "<small>Pleeeease,</small>" I eke out. "<small>Please don't e-eeaat me. I'll do an-anythhhinnngg.</small>"<br>\n<br>\nThe thought slowly drags itself through my brain: I'll be a spider-queen slave. I'll have to eat other people, probably, the scraps that they give me after they're done with their meals. I'll have to be tickled and fucked over and over, passed between them until I can't even scream or cry anymore, until I'm limp meat hanging slick and sticky in a web, until my pussy's sore and aching the way it is right now. Until the day comes when they get tired of me and they do eat me, sinking those hot teeth into my slick body.<br>\n<br>\nWait a second. Something floats up to the top of my brain, and I blink, slowly, and open my mouth. It is horrible, but also my best chance out of here:<br>\n<br>\n"<small>I could find others,</small>" I croak. "<small>I could bring people.</small>"</font></html>\n\n<<replace "next">><<display 19>><<endreplace>>