This is all highly unorthadox. You skip the alley and head back to your office. You've still got a stack of mysteries sitting on your desk, waiting to be filed.\n\n"What do angels watch on TV in heaven all day?" "Who built the Martian pyramids?" "Who's the attractive stranger hanging around the Mystery Department?"\n\nHey! That last one's scrawled on a piece of looseleaf! It's a note!\n\n[[Open it.|Note]]
''"What's he here for?"''\n\n"Who knows. Maybe he's after information. There's all sorts of information in the Mystery Department archives. Information on...//mysteries.// Maybe the answer to some huge conspiracy is filed away somewhere here."\n\n"Not that we'd ever get to see it," says another. "The last person caught even taking an accidental glance at a file was fired on the spot. And it was just a burger recipe."\n\n"I bet those were really good burgers, though. I heard they started up a restaurant after that." Your co-worker turns to you. "What about you? Have you ever been tempted to look inside one of the files?"\n\nBut before you can answer, you're saved by the [[lunch|Lunch]] bell.
"Okay, that was all luck," says Aleister.\n\n<<display 'Recap5'>>
You and Aleister sneak from hallway to hallway, dodging security guards. What could be here that requires so many guards to protect it? You're more sure than ever that Weirdo Beardo is behind the myth-nappings!\n\n"Did you see what those guards were armed with?" whispers Aleister as you're clear of the security patrol. "Magic wands! I knew this was the right place."\n\nYou keep a lookout as Aleister peeks into the control room to make sure it's clear. Then he signals you to [[join him|ControlRoom]].
This weird tunnel slopes gradually, almost like a staircase, from the north down and around toward the east.\n\n[[North!|CaveSouth]]\n[[East!|CaveJunction]]
<<set $animal_yawn to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...animal yawn...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|AnimalYawn]].\n\n14/19. Only five more to go!\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">maze</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|Maze]]
//"Shh!"// he hisses, hastily covering his tattoo. "Be quiet! The eyes have ears!"\n\nHe motions at one of the unblinking security eyes on the wall, peering at you with intense curiosity.\n\nHe discreetely signs the message "meet me in the alley round back in ten and I'll explain," before pulling his coat on inside out and fleeing the cafeteria.\n\n[[Show up on time.|Meeting]]\n[[Show up a little late, just to make him sweat.|FashionablyLate]]\n[[Don't go.|NoMeeting]]
"It told us that Weirdo Beardo was collecting mythics and breeding them!" says Aleister. "Who knows to what end."\n\n<<display 'GraveNews'>>
You meet Secret Society Dude the next day during your lunch break.\n\n"Weirdo Beardo, //of course!// I know Weirdo, a retired magician, owns a mansion right here in town! Who knows what secrets are hidden in a magician's mansion? There's got to be some proof of Beardo's involvement there!"\n\nHe shakes his fist at an invisible enemy, then catches himself and sheepishly hides it in his pocket.\n\n"Thank you so much! Because of you, all the mythic creatures in the world might still be saved! Is there any way I can reward you?"\n\n[["I want to come with you."|ComeWith]]\n[["I want a pet dragon."|PetDragon]]\n[["I want a boyfriend."|Boyfriend]]
No! It's too dangerous!\n\nYou toss the folder across the room, lest you give in to temptation. It hits the wall and slides to the floor - a single photograph slipping out of it.\n\nYou try not to look at the photo as you slide it back into the folder, but you can't help [[a quick glance|Photo]].
There's a weird bird staring at you from a nearby tree.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $punk_bird +"]]">>\n\nA weird //talking// bird. The bird clears its throat and recites:\n\n//"I'll open the gate as soon as you're done..."//\n\nYou blink.\n\n//"...answering my riddle one!"//\n\n"You're probably good at riddles, right?" asks Aleister. "[[Shoot|Riddle]]."
"For older than we shall live, or our children or grandchildren live," Aleister responds. "For they are long-lived - legends themselves. When humankind is a memory they will remember us. Most people will pass from memory with the death of the species, but we alone will live on in the songs and stories of they who are ancestors sang and told of around campfires. Yes, they will remember us."\n\n''"Cool,"'' you say, and turn to watch the ancient dragons who your foremothers knew soar across [[the city sky|TheVeryEnd]].
Swallowing, you glance around the room nervously, but you're the only one in the office right now. You say a small prayer, bite your lip, and slowly crack the folder so that you can catch a glimpse of what's inside.\n\nIt's a [[photo|Photo]].
Aleister coughs. "Uh, that's Weirdo Beardo, actually."\n\n<<display 'Recap4'>>
"You're here!" says Aleister warmly. Everyone else seems to relax when they see that you're an ally. You guess that the creaky stairs are a security measure.\n\n"This is the accomplice you spoke of?" asks an old, old woman.\n\n"Yes!" says Aleister. "Let me introduce everyone. This is Auntie Histimine, our resident psychic." The old woman smiles at you - //in your mind.//\n\nNext to her is a mysterious figure wrapped in a heavy brown cloak. "This is Bawdier Rodeo, a robed weirdo." Rodeo raises a robed arm in greeting. "Yo."\n\n"Then there's Frances," Aleister continues, indicating a young-looking kid hunched over a handheld videogame, who doesn't even look up at you. "Frances is our technology person."\n\n"Including me, we are the Society for a Myth-Friendly Society." He smiles grandiosely.\n\nAuntie Histamine [[coughs|Recap]].
"It was the product of interbreeding between humans and mythics!" says Aleister. "Weirdo Beardo is kidnapping mythics and breeding them for some terrible purpose!"\n\n<<display 'GraveNews'>>
"I will consult with my friends on the astral plane for guidance," Auntie Histimine says. "They can see far more than we can, though their answers may often be cryptic. Still, they may give us insight into our next move."\n\nAuntie closes her eyes. She begins to hum, quietly at first, then louder. No one else makes a sound, except for Frances' videogame.\n\n"They hear me," Auntie says. "They are projecting. Close your eyes and open your mind, and you will hear them too." You close your eyes tight and imagine your mind as an open door, with a welcome sign in front of it, leading to a party to which astral beings are totally invited.\n\n"Do you see it?" asks Auntie. "Do you see [[the sign|Sign]]?"
The far wall is sloped and humped. Aleister gives you a leg up, and you manage to find a stable enough shelf of rock to stand on. You're right below the hole now! Gripping an outcropping stone in the wall, you lean to look in the hole -\n\n- and five thousand bats pour out. Yeargh!\n\nChased by the skittering bats, you retreat back [[north|CaveSouthwest]]!
This cavern is very dim - for some reason, the glowing moss seems to be absent in this tunnel. Feeling along the walls reveals that the cave stretches from north to south and - aha! - a small hole in the eastern wall indicates a passageway.\n\n[[North!|CaveWest]]\n[[East!|CaveCrawlspace]]\n[[South!|CaveDeadend]]
You lift <<$sword_name>> over your shoulder and //swing// in a gleaming arc like a devil's grin. You only manage to cut some hairs off the creature's side.\n\nXerxes lets out a grunt that seems to say "I was planning on getting a haircut soon anyway, thanks for saving me the trouble!" You might be free-interpreting a little.\n\nWhat now??\n\n[[Stabbing attack!|Stabbing]]\n[[Throw sword!|ThrowSword]]
The rest of the day is uneventful. Mystery after mystery slides across your desk on its way to be buried forever in the //unsolved// file, unopened and unseen. All the riddles of the world pass through your hands but you become no wiser.\n\nOn the second day, a folder labelled "Where are the mythics disappearing to?" shows up in your stack.\n\n[[Open it! Open it!|OpenIt]]\n[[Just a tiny little peek!|Peek]]\n[[No! I won't look!!|ResistTemptation]]
"Aleister said that the two of you may have found where the mythics are disappearing to," says Auntie Histimine. "Can you tell the society exactly what happened, and what you discovered?" she asks. "From the beginning."\n\nAleister turns toward you. Rodeo leans forward to listen. Frances keeps playing a videogame.\n\n[["It started with Aleister creeping around my job."|RecapCreep]]\n[["It started with Aleister ruining my lunch."|RecapCreep]]\n[["It started - with a brush with destiny."|RecapDestiny]]
The Mystery of the Missing Mythics
The bird's eye gleams wickedly.\n\n//"A man walks into a bar. He is immediately knocked unconscious. Why??"//\n\nAleister looks confused.\n\n"It's more of a lateral thinking puzzle than a riddle, maybe," says the bird. "Anyway, what's the answer?"\n\n[["The man is a lawyer."|Lawyer]]\n[["The man has the hiccups."|Hiccups]]\n[["It's a metal bar."|MetalBar]]
<<set $sword_name = "T-rexcalibur">><<display 'Swordfight'>>
You've reached a cave junction, branching to the north, the south and the west.\n\nThis junction is different, though. Mingled with the blue light of the moss is a faint red glow - nearby torchlight?\n\n[[North!|CaveSoutheast]]\n[[West!|CaveSouthmost]]\n[[South!|CaveExit]]
The next day, you find yourself in front of a shadowy bar. This is where the Society meets, Aleister said.\n\nThere's a neon sign in the window.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $neon_sign +"]]">>\n\n[["Looks like a really seedy place."|SeedyBar]]\n[["Looks like my kind of place!"|FriendlyBar]]
The bird rubs its chin, sort of. "Oh. Oh-o! I guess that makes enough sense. Yeah."\n\nThe bird hops up to a higher branch. "Someone told me that riddle, but wouldn't tell me the answer. Well, thanks! I'll open that gate now." It flutters up into a window in what was only recently the Mystery Department.\n\n"Good job," says Aleister.\n\nA few seconds later the gate opens. "Good luck!" says the bird.\n\n"We'll need it," Aleister responds, ominously. "[[Come on|Descent]]."
"It was really cool," adds Aleister.\n\n<<display 'Recap5'>>
"The building is de-lairifying!" says Aleister as you help him to his feet. "We've got to get out of here before the transformation ends!"\n\nWeirdo Beardo is hunched over the shattered pieces of the magic staff, grabbing frantically at broken horns and chipped scales. "I won't go back to being non-magical!" cries the ex-wizard. "I won't!" Beardo ignores you as you and Aleister [[bolt out of the building|Escape]].
"It's got to be around here somewhere..."\n\nAt that moment the door bursts open. A confused-looking security guard is standing there, donut in hand (and partially in mouth).\n\n"Uh, hi there," says the guard, spitting up donut crumbs with each syllable. "How's it going? Y'all are intruders, huh? Intruding?"\n\n"[[Floor it!|HallwayChase]]" yells Aleister.
Cool! You should have a list of numbered codes you received from your friend! You're going to enter them one at a time.\n\nWe'll start with the first code, which follows the number 1. Just highlight the letters following the 1, copy them, and get ready to paste them into the box that pops up! Make sure you don't copy the number or the space, but copy all of the letters that follow.\n\n(Sometimes the letters might run on to another line, or start on the line after the number. Make sure you copy the whole code, but NOT the number or space!)\n\nDid you copy the first code? (Highlight text, right-click or CTRL-click and choose "Copy.") When you're ready, click the link below and Paste the code into the box that pops up! (Right-click or CTRL-click and choose "Paste.")\n\n[[Ready!|Code1]]
"Harrumph," says a familiar voice. Why //does// it sound so familiar? "I suppose you've somehow managed to out-xerx Xerxes." The figure [[stands|WeirdoBeardo]].
Standing in a ring of candles - you must have interrupted some ritual - is Weirdo Beardo.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $weird_beard +"]]">>\n\n"If you've come to solve the mystery of what my mythic breeding program was all about, I'm only too happy to show you." Beardo displays a titanic staff covered in dragonfairy scales, ringed with phoenix-cockatrice feathers, and crowned with the fourfold horn of a multicorn. It throbs with magical power.\n\n"With this in hand," he says, "I am unassailable."\s\n\s\n<<set $villain_speil = -1>>\s\n<<display 'Questions'>>
"Hey! There they are!" a bunch of security guards are chasing after you - and you're headed straight for them!\n\n"Quick! Follow me!" says Aleister. There's a door in the middle of the hallway. If you can reach it before they do -\n\n//SLAM!!// You shut the door behind you, and Aleister slides the steel bar into place. It's one of those doors. The guards bang on the opposite side of the door, but it doesn't open. Phew! This action-adventure stuff is exhausting.\n\n"Hey, [[look at this|IdolRoom]]," says Aleister.
<<set $dragon_egg = "">>\s\n<<set $occult_symbol = "">>\s\n<<set $weird_beard = "">>\s\n<<set $ken_doll = "">>\s\n<<set $maze = either("","","","","")>>\s\n<<set $spaceship_control_panel = "">>\s\n<<set $hood_ornament = "">>\s\n<<set $monster_suit = "">>\s\n<<set $neon_sign = either("","","","","","")>>\s\n<<set $hand_gesture = "">>\s\n<<set $road_sign = either("","","","","","","")>>\s\n<<set $cyber_cat = "">>\s\n<<set $fancy_sword = "">>\s\n<<set $frank_gehry_building = "">>\s\n<<set $punk_bird = "">>\s\n<<set $crossword_solution = either("","","","")>>\s\n<<set $animal_yawn = "">>\s\n<<set $baby_animal = either("","","","","")>>\s\n<<set $the_end = "">>\s\nOkay! You're all ready to go!\n\nPrepare to experience...\n\n<span class="search">//The Mystery of the Missing Mythics//</span>\n\n[[Let's do it!|MysteryDepartment]]
If it worked, the image you chose should appear right here:\n\n<<print "[img[" + $occult_symbol +"]]">>\n\nDid you get it to work? If not, [[click here|OccultSymbol]] to try again. Remember, right click or CTRL-click in the box and Paste the url of the image you chose.\n\nIf it worked, great! The next thing you should image search for is:\n\n<span class="search">monster suit</span>\n\nPick one and copy the url! When you're ready, click on the link below and paste it!\n\n[[Ready!|MonsterSuit]]
It's a dead end! There's nothing here but a stuffed bear.\n\n''"Maybe there's a secret door!"'' You try moving the bear's arm, rubbing its tummy, pressing its nose. The bear roars at you, displeased.\n\n"Get away from that bear!" yells Aleister. "We've got to [[double back|DoubleBack]]!"
<<set $dragon_egg to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...dragon egg...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|DragonEgg]].\n\n12/19\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">frank gehry building</span>\n\nYes. "Frank gehry building." Copy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|FrankGehryBuilding]]
You aim for the face.\n\n//Blammo!// Right in the eye!\n\n"Yeargh!" shouts Beardo, reaching with both hands to frantically wipe off the poop. But in doing so, the wizard has let go of the multicorn staff!\n\n<<display 'Meltdown'>>
You tear down the halls, the sound of guards hot on your heels! This hallway's walls are lined with hunting trophies of supernatural creatures, like this //manticore's head!// Or it could just be a lion's head. Hard to tell without the rest of the body.\n\n"Left or right?" shouts Aleister as you approach an intersection. "Left or right?!"\n\n[["Left!"|LeftHallway]]\n[["Right!"|RightHallway]]
You meet Aleister at the Beardo mansion. He's fashionably dressed.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $ken_doll +"]]">>\n\n[["Aren't you a bit overdressed?"|Overdressed]]\n[["Aren't you a bit underdressed?"|Underdressed]]\n[["You look ridiculous."|Ridiculous]]
''"What can I do to help?"''\n\n"Somewhere in the Department there has to be a file on this mystery - why are all the mythics missing? In that file there'll be answers! Or at least more useful questions."\n\nPeeking in a file's against the rules! You could lose your job - or worse!\n\n"We'll meet in this alley in three days," he continues. "Tell me what you find out! The fate of all mythic creatures is depending on you!"\n\n"//I'm// depending on you," he adds, unnecessarily.\n\nHe smiles and [[vanishes|BackToWork]].
You look at the map.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $maze +"]]">>\n\n"Can you find the way to the control room?"\n\n[["Yes, I've found the path!"|MazeSolved]]\n[["Ugh, I give up. There's got to be another way in."|MazeQuit]]
"Hey," says Aleister, "you're misrepresenting my brilliant-"\n\n"Hush," says Auntie Histimine.\n\n<<display 'Recap3'>>
<<set $weird_beard to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 3...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code3]].\n\nNext, copy code 4! When golfers shout "fore," it's a forshortening of the military term "beware before," used to alert soldiers to get out of the way of artillery fire. It has nothing to do with the number four.\n\n[[Ready!|Code4]]
''"The man has hiccups. To cure him of his hiccups, the bartender scares the man by hitting him with a metal bar."''\n\n<<display 'SolvedRiddle'>>
<<set $baby_animal to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 18...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code18]].\n\nNext, copy code 19! The game of Go is played on a grid of nineteen by nineteen lines, making for 361 different positions.\n\nThis is the last code you'll have to input!\n\n[[Ready!|Code19]]
<<set $the_end to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 19...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code19]].\n\nWhew! All good? If not, you can [[start over|Instructions]] from the beginning.\n\nOtherwise, you're ready to begin...\n\n<span class="search">//The Mystery of the Missing Mythics//</span>\n\n[[Let's do it!|Decode]]<<endif>>
''"I want to come with you,"'' you say. ''"I know everything so I'm a major liability. You should take me with you on your mansion stakeout so you can keep an eye on me."''\n\n"Gosh. I hadn't considered that laying my backstory on anyone who spills food on my jacket might compromise my secret mission. Maybe two people working as a team would have a better chance of eluding Beardo's defenses."\n\n//Yes!!// Action-adventure here you come!\n\n"Beardo's mansion is at 1 Beardo Way. It's a giant mansion. It's kind of hard to miss. Meet me there at sundown tonight! I'm going to go learn what I can about the place."\n\nYou wish him luck, and he prepares to leave.\n\n[["Hey, what's your name?"|Name]]
<<set $ken_doll to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 4...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code4]].\n\nNext, copy code 5! A "high five" is an overhead slapping of one person's palm to another, invoked by the spoken phrase, "gimme five." Presumably this is because most human hands possess five fingers.\n\n[[Ready!|Code5]]
<<set $monster_suit to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!"," suit...")>>\s\n\s\nIf you need a do-ever of that last one, [[click here|MonsterSuit]].\n\nOtherwise, it's time for your next search:\n\n<span class="search">hood ornament</span>\n\nAgain, copy the image url and when you're ready to paste it, click the link below.\n\n[[Ready!|HoodOrnament]]
<<set $road_sign to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 11...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code11]].\n\nNext, copy code 12! There are twelve astrological signs in the zodiac, unless you count snake people! (Up to you.)\n\n[[Ready!|Code12]]
"A highly potent magical ingredient," nods the guard. "The boss wears a lot of magic perfume. If you're in the same wing of the building as the boss, you can usually tell from the smell alone. <<display 'Delivery'>>
Omigosh! It's the mysterious stranger! And his coat is absolutely covered in food!\n\n''"Eep, I'm sorry! Let me help you with that!"''\n\n"You've helped quite enough already," he complains, turning away from you and pulling off his huge coat. Underneath he's wearing a really tight tank top. Well hello there - what's this? There's an ornate [[tattoo|Tattoo]] at the base of his back.
<<set $frank_gehry_building to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 14...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code14]].\n\nNext, copy code 15! In a magic square of the numbers one to nine - that is, a 3x3 square where the numbers in each row, column and diagonal all add up to the same sum - the number that every row adds up to is fifteen!\n\n[[Ready!|Code15]]
<<set $punk_bird to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 15...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code15]].\n\nNext, copy code 16! Your sixteenth birthday is called your "Sweet Sixteen," a day when you can eat as much sugar as you like without any adverse affects. Many people horde candy for years in anticipation of this day.\n\n[[Ready!|Code16]]
//"As you know,"// drolls the Mystery President in a voice that both bores and menaces at the same time, //"we in the Department maintain the largest collection of mysteries in the world. They are intended to stay that way."//\n\nOh geez they know you looked, they must!\n\n//"Anyone who is discovered to have seen unauthorized material will be dealt with by myself. I have many techniques for dealing with people who procure illegal knowledge, some of them quite slow and drawn-out, and believe me that you will greatly prefer the faster techniques when I catch you. And,"// adds the voice, //"I //will// catch you."//\n\nThe door to the office flies open! You quickly shove the folder into the //unsolved// file. It's just one of your co-workers.\n\n"Did you hear that announcement? Ominous much?" You chuckle nervously.\n\nWell, now your mind's [[made up|SecondMeeting]].
"Hey!" says Aleister.\n\n<<display 'Recap2'>>
<<set $sword_name = "Badboy">><<display 'Swordfight'>>
You climb up onto Beardo's back! "Hey!" The wizard tries to grab you, but you're way too fast! You scurry all over Beardo's body as the wizard twists and turns, trying to catch you. "Stop this at once!" But with only one hand, it's impossible! //"Enough!"// Beardo finally grabs you with both hands - but in doing so, the wizard's let go of the multicorn staff!\n\n<<display 'Meltdown'>>
"Ahahahahahaha!"\n\n<<print "[img[" + $weird_beard +"]]">>\n\n//Weirdo Beardo!!//\n\n"Yes, it is I. All this time I've been attending your little meetings, keeping tabs on what you know. I never expected you to figure it all out! And it's a shame you did, because now I'm going to have to dissolve your little society!"\n\nThis character's voice sounds really familiar for some reason.\n\n"High score!" yells [[Frances|Frances]].
<<set $cyber_cat to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 12...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code12]].\n\nNext, copy code 13! Thirteen is considered by many to be an unlucky number, which is why many hotels don't have a thirteenth floor, instead using Floor 13 to entomb the bodies of those workers who died during the hotel's construction. "Triskaidekaphobia" is fear of the number thirteen.\n\n[[Ready!|Code13]]
<<set $fancy_sword to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...fancy sword...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|FancySword]].\n\n9/19! Awesome! Halfway home.\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">punk bird</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|PunkBird]]
<<set $occult_symbol to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 2...")>>\s\nGood work! If you need a do-over, [[click here|Code2]]!\n\nNext, copy code 3! Here's an interesting fact about the number three: most people, if you ask them to think of a number from one to ten, will pick three. Use this information to swindle your friends!\n\n[[Ready!|Code3]]
<<set $spaceship_control_panel to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...spaceship control panel...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|SpaceshipControlPanel]].\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">cyber cat</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|CyberCat]]
You enter to the sound of breaking glass. Two ruffians in the corner are playing pool with shotglasses, the shards flying everywhere. "The balls have been missing for years." You give them a wide berth.\n\n<<display 'Bartender'>>
You have to crawl on your hands and knees to make it through this tiny passage. There seem to be openings to the east and west.\n\n[[East!|CaveSoutheast]]\n[[West!|CaveSouthwest]]
You lunge at Xerxes, <<$sword_name>> in hand, preparing to bury it deep in the monster's flesh!\n\n//Bwang!!//\n\nThe sword glances right off the beast's metal exoskeleton.\n\n"Heh heh heh," Xerxes seems to grunt-laugh.\n\nNow what??\n\n[[Slicing attack!|Slicing]]\n[[Throw sword!|ThrowSword]]
"Listen, I this is a delicate operation and I need maximum ability to move around. I'm dressed for stealth."\n\n<<display 'Blueprint'>>
It doesn't hurt, but it feels very very strange. You can feel your skin changing, your bones rearranging themselves, your body shrinking.\n\nWhen the magic leaves you, you feel [[very different|AnimalForm]].
By the time you reach the Mystery Department, the entrance has changed into a large, ominous stone gate.\n\n"Lairification spell," says Aleister. "A classic."\n\nThe gate, of course, is locked.\n\n"I'll open it for you," a nearby voice suddenly cackles, "but it [[won't be free|Bird]]!"
Everyone gasps, except Frances, who is still gaming.\n\n"What did you do with this information?" asks Rodeo.\n\n[["We solved a really annoying maze."|RecapMaze]]\n[["We used our wits to sneak into Beardo's manor."|RecapManor]]\n[["All of Aleister's plans were terrible, but I found a secret passage to Beardo's inner sanctum."|RecapPassage]]
<<set $frank_gehry_building to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...frank gehry building...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|FrankGehryBuilding]].\n\n13/19\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">animal yawn</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|AnimalYawn]]
<<set $for_a_friend = false>>\s\nJust copy the information below and send it to a friend, and they'll be able to play the game with the images you chose!\n\n(If you're using GMail, you may want to hilight all the text after pasting and hit CTRL-\s to remove formatting.)\n\nAfter you're done copying and pasting, if you'd like, you can [[play the game yourself|MysteryDepartment]] using the images you just chose, or [[start over|Images]] and choose new images for yourself.\n\n<span class="friendcode">Hi, FRIEND! Have you heard of this game, THE CASE OF THE MISSING MYTHICS by anna anthropy? No? Well, your loss! It's a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of a game, but Madlibs style! You pick images from image searches, and then those images appear in the game!\n\nWell, I've done the hard part and picked the images for you! Just follow the instructions below and you'll be able to play the game with the images I chose for you!\n\nFIRST, visit <<print "ht"+"tp://auntiepixel"+"">>\nSECOND, click on "I want to use images a friend picked for me!"\nThen just follow the instructions!\n\n1 <<print "{{{" + rot13($dragon_egg) + "}}}">>\n\n2 <<print "{{{" + rot13($occult_symbol) + "}}}">>\n\n3 <<print "{{{" + rot13($weird_beard) + "}}}">>\n\n4 <<print "{{{" + rot13($ken_doll) + "}}}">>\n\n5 <<print "{{{" + rot13($maze) + "}}}">>\n\n6 <<print "{{{" + rot13($spaceship_control_panel) + "}}}">>\n\n7 <<print "{{{" + rot13($hood_ornament) + "}}}">>\n\n8 <<print "{{{" + rot13($monster_suit) + "}}}">>\n\n9 <<print "{{{" + rot13($neon_sign) + "}}}">>\n\n10 <<print "{{{" + rot13($hand_gesture) + "}}}">>\n\n11 <<print "{{{" + rot13($road_sign) + "}}}">>\n\n12 <<print "{{{" + rot13($cyber_cat) + "}}}">>\n\n13 <<print "{{{" + rot13($fancy_sword) + "}}}">>\n\n14 <<print "{{{" + rot13($frank_gehry_building) + "}}}">>\n\n15 <<print "{{{" + rot13($punk_bird) + "}}}">>\n\n16 <<print "{{{" + rot13($crossword_solution) + "}}}">>\n\n17 <<print "{{{" + rot13($animal_yawn) + "}}}">>\n\n18 <<print "{{{" + rot13($baby_animal) + "}}}">>\n\n19 <<print "{{{" + rot13($the_end) + "}}}">>\n\nOkay, have fun! Your pal, ME</span>
"We think Weirdo Beardo is breeding them," says Aleister. "Though I don't know why, or what he's after."\n\n<<display 'GraveNews'>>
"The truth is," he begins, "I'm a member of a secret society. We're investigating the disappearance of mythic creatures. Think about it - when was the last time you saw a unicorn or gryphon?"\n\nYou think about it. It certainly wasn't recently.\n\n"Someone's stealing mythics. It's a real mystery - and I know the answers are all here, at the Mystery Department! Will you help me?"\n\n[["How can I help?"|Help]]\n[["What's in it for me?"|PersonalGain]]\n[["Solve the mystery yourself!"|Rejected]]
"You know, to each their own, but I just don't think these taste as good as the boss seems to think they do," the guard says. "Maybe that's just me, though. <<display 'Delivery'>>
<<set $maze to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 5...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code5]].\n\nNext, copy code 6! Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy suggested that any two given people in the world are seperated by no more than six degrees of separation - that is, they know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows you.\n\n[[Ready!|Code6]]
<<set $hood_ornament to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 7...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code7]].\n\nNext, copy code 8! "Ate" is the past tense of "eat," which is why most countries partake of eight meals a day.\n\n[[Ready!|Code8]]
''"Solve the mystery yourself!"''\n\nWhy should you stick your neck out for him? It's against the rules to look at the Mystery files - you could lose your job! Or your head! Or maybe something less serious, like just a finger.\n\n"Please," he pleads, "The mythical creatures of the world are depending on us! They'll be lost forever if I can't find them! You don't have to look long - just a glace, just a single piece of information, that's all I need!"\n\nHe glances around nervously.\n\n"I'll be in this alley again in three days. Please - think about what I've told you. Think about that file." He [[vanishes|BackToWork]].
You find Aleister's hand in the darkness and hold it. You think he smiles at you, but it's hard to tell in the sporadic light. He doesn't let go, though.\n\n<<display 'Caverns'>>
<<set $neon_sign to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...neon sign...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|NeonSign]].\n\nSeven images down of nineteen!\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">baby animal</span>\n\nPick a really cute one! Copy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|BabyAnimal]]
//SPLAT!//\n\nYou suddenly slam into someone, and your tray goes flying all over them!\n\n"My coat!" cries a [[rogueish voice|Messy]].
The room is dominated by an enormous, gleaming idol.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $hood_ornament +"]]">>\n\nThis must be a place of worship.\n\n"Impressive decorating, to be sure," says Aleister, "but we need to find a way out of this room." The guards are pounding on the door.\n\n[[Look for secret passages.|SecretIdol]]\n[[Search the room for useful objects.|SearchIdol]]\n[[Take a break.|IdleIdol]]
"You were very brave," Aleister nods.\n\n<<display 'Recap3'>>
Carefully, the two of you cross the floor, stepping only on those tiles whose letters comprise the word.\n\n"Ha! That word does describe him!" Aleister laughs.\n\n''"Doesn't it, though?"''\n\nYou're laughing as you reach the other side of the room, but all laughing stops when you see the [[terrifying visage|ScaryDoor]] waiting there.
Xerxes, Beardo's chief enforcer, towers over you.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $cyber_cat +"]]">>\n\n"I'll leave you all to 'get acquainted,'" says Beardo. "By which I mean, murder you. Bye!" With the wave of a magic staff, the wizard vanishes in a poof of magic, leaving the three of you with the horrible beast.\n\n"Well, I'm out," says Auntie Histamine. "I'll be on the astral plane if y'all need me." She flattens herself into a rainbow and is gone.\n\n"This really sucks," shouts Aleister, over the metal screech that accompanies the creature's every movement.\n\nXerxes [[howls|Combat]].
''"I want a pet dragon."''\n\n"Uh," he says. "No guarantees."\n\n''"I'm not going with you unless I get my own dragon."''\n\n"Who said you were coming with me?"\n\n''"My new dragon."''\n\n"Okay, geez. Weirdo's mansion is located at 1 Beardo Way. Meet me there at sundown, and we'll look for clues. Meanwhile I'll find out as much information as I can on the place."\n\nYou nod. He gets ready to head off.\n\n[["Hey! What's your name?"|Name]]
<<set $spaceship_control_panel to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 6...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code6]].\n\nNext, copy code 7! There are seven principal days of the week - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - as well as seven ancillary days - Funday, Payday, Mayday, Heyday, Yesterday, Someday and Birthday.\n\n[[Ready!|Code7]]
<<set $hand_gesture to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...hand gesture...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|HandGesture]].\n\n16/19. Only three more to go!\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">road sign</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|RoadSign]]
''"It's a metal bar."''\n\n<<display 'SolvedRiddle'>>
You yell at the top of your lungs, too, just to make you feel braver. You only bang into the doorframe a couple of times as you make your berzerker run through the portal - and into [[the wizard's lair|InnerSanctum]].\n\n"Wait up," yells Aleister, hurrying after you.
Heck yeah! You look around carefully to make sure no one's watching, but the office is empty except for you. Rubbing your hands together, you tear into the folder like it's a birthday present, just for you!\n\nThe first thing that you see is a [[photograph|Photo]].
Okay! We'll go through and you'll choose images, then I'll give you some information to email to your friend, and they can use it to play the game using the images you picked!\n\nReady to go?\n\n[[Let's do it!|OkayFriend]]\n[[Nevermind, I just want to pick for myself!|Images]]
Mmm, delicious! You can't get enough of this stuff! You scoop up your tray and go for seconds.\n\nAs you're on your way back across the Department cafeteria, though, you start to zone out a little, thinking about the mysterious stranger in the lobby. What's he after? Does he enjoy delicious food too?\n\n<<display 'Splat'>>
<<set $fancy_sword to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 13...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code13]].\n\nNext, copy code 14! Fourteen is the number of codes you've entered so far! There are nineteen total - only five to go!\n\n[[Ready!|Code14]]
"What did you discover?" asks Auntie Histimine.\n\n[["A really cute furry monster."|RecapFurry]]\n[["A talking gryphon with a pipe."|RecapGryphon]]\n[["An underground cavern full of kidnapped mythics."|RecapCavern]]
<<set $hand_gesture to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 10...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code10]].\n\nNext, copy code 11! If you see the number 11:11 on a clock, make a wish! It'll come true eleven times out of a hundred.\n\n[[Ready!|Code11]]
.passage {\n font-family: copseregular;\n color: orchid;\n font-size: 28px;\n width: 700px;\n border-left: 0px;\n}\n\ {\n font-size: 40px;\n color:cyan;\n}\n\n.friendcode {\n font-size:14px;\n line-height: 10pt;\n}\n\n#sidebar { visibility:hidden }\n\na { color: darkorange; }\na:hover { color: white; }\na.internalLink { color: darkorange; }\na.internalLink:hover { color: white; } \na.externalLink { color: darkorange; }\na.externalLink:hover { color: white; } \n\n/* Generated by Font Squirrel ( on December 19, 2014 */\n\n@font-face {\n font-family: 'copseregular';\n src: url('copse-regular-webfont.eot');\n src: url('copse-regular-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),\n url('copse-regular-webfont.woff2') format('woff2'),\n url('copse-regular-webfont.woff') format('woff'),\n url('copse-regular-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),\n url('copse-regular-webfont.svg#copseregular') format('svg');\n font-weight: normal;\n font-style: normal;\n}\n
"The floor is booby-trapped!"\n\n<<print "[img[" + $crossword_solution +"]]">>\n\n"It's one of those puzzle floors," explains Aleister. "I've seen these before. Step on the wrong letter, and WHAM! Blowgunned." He shakes his head.\n\n"To get to Weirdo Beardo, we have to walk across the word that best describes him."\n\n[["I see it!"|Word]]
You press a button at random. The security alarm goes off.\n\n"Hey!" shouts Aleister.\n\n''"Don't shoot the messenger!"'' you tell him.\n\n"That doesn't make any sense!" You can hear the sound of guards coming your way. "[[Floor it!|HallwayChase]]"
The titan steps onto the wooden table, splintering it in half! You and Aleister each take cover behind a table fragment.\n\n"The mythical weapons rack is on your side of the room!" shouts Aleister, while Xerxes sprays magic missiles in all directions. "I'll distract Xerxes and you grab a magic weapon!"\n\nYou have no time to suggest an alternate plan before Aleister jumps out from behind his piece of table and starts doing a hypnotic, sexy dance.\n\nThough it's hard to take your eyes away, you've got to [[break for the weapons rack|MagicSword]].
The photo shows a menancing-looking figure.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $weird_beard +"]]">>\n\nA sorcerer, you think! Your instincts are semi-confirmed when you turn the photo over to see the name: "Weirdo Beardo." There's no further information, but you'll bet that Secret Society Dude would be super interested in this little piece of intel.\n\n//"ATTENTION MYSTERY EMPLOYEES!"// [[booms|Loudspeaker]] the loundspeaker suddenly! You hastily stuff the photo back in the folder and hide it under your seat.
You see it!\n\n<<print "[img[" + $road_sign +"]]">>\n\n"But what does it mean?" asks Auntie Histimine. "What are the spirits telling us?"\n\n[["I think we should slow down and proceed with caution."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think we should prepare for a twist."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think there's a great danger waiting ahead."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think we need to stop and think carefully."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think we need to surrender ourselves to fate."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think we need to follow directions."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think we should steal a car."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think things are about to get rocky."|Interpretation]]\n[["I think we're going about this the wrong way."|Interpretation]]\n[["I have no idea."|Interpretation]]
The sword seems to keen in approval.\n\n"Help me!" says Aleister, cringing under a hail of magic missiles.\n\n''"Hey! Pick on someone my own size!"'' you yell at Xerxes, raising <<$sword_name>> hopefully. It gleams with intent.\n\nNow what?\n\n[[Stabbing attack!|Stabbing]]\n[[Slicing attack!|Slicing]]\n[[Throw sword!|ThrowSword]]
''"The man is a lawyer. He's come to take his bar exam, and he's so nervous about it that he faints."''\n\n<<display 'SolvedRiddle'>>
Moments later you and Aleister are panting outside of the building. With a horrible squeal and a groan, the Mystery Department un-distorts into its original form.\n\nWhere's Weirdo Beardo? Lost forever in its walls, or trapped in some weird magical dimension? It shall forever be a mystery, the kind that you would file under //unsolved.// Whatever. Someone else can do that. You're calling in sick tomorrow.\n\nAleister has finished catching his breath, and is gazing at the horizon - at Beardo's mansion. [["Look!"|Wonder]] he cries.
Alright! Get an image search site ready in another browser panel! Again, good ones are [[DuckDuckGo|]] (click on "images" after making the search) and [[Google Image Search|]] (note that Google tracks information about what you search for).\n\nHere's the first thing you're going to be searching for:\n\n<span class="search">occult symbol</span>\n\nType that phrase into your chosen image search site. Then, pick one of the images that comes up! (Remember, if you're using DuckDuckGo, you have to click on "images" after you search.) Copy the URL of the image you choose.\n\nCopying the address of an image works differently in different browsers on different platforms, but usually it works something like this:\n\n• Click on the image to bring up a bigger version of it.\n• Right-click (on Windows) or CTRL-click (on Mac) on the bigger image.\n• Choose "Copy image URL" from the menu that appears. (Make sure you choose "Copy image URL" and not "Copy image"!)\n\nAfter you've copied the image address, click the link below! You'll be prompted to past the address in the box that appears (right click or CTRL-click and select "Paste"). Then hit OKAY! Remember, the search is:\n\n<span class="search">occult symbol</span>\n\nClick "Ready!" when you've copied an image URL!\n\n[[Ready!|OccultSymbol]]
anna anthropy
Ugh, you're not eating this.\n\nYou scoop up your tray and head for the trash can at the far end of the Department cafeteria. You're zoning out a little, though - your thoughts keep turning to the mysterious stranger in the lobby. Why is he here? Does he like weird food?\n\n<<display 'Splat'>>
Another long day at the Mystery Department. All day long you sit in an office, filing mysteries under //solved// or, far more often, //unsolved.// Mysteries like "the Loch Ness monster," "the bermuda triangle," or "why does nothing exciting ever happen to me."\n\nYou're about to file that last one when you notice, through the office window, an unfamiliar figure lingering in the lobby.\n\n"He's been hanging around for days," whispers one of your co-workers. "Not that I mind. He's a total babe."\n\n"I bet you anything he doesn't even work here," whispers another.\n\n[["Who is he?"|Who]]\n[["What's he here for?"|What]]\n[["He's not that hot."|Hunk]]
A cloud is bubbling from the magician's manor - but it's not a cloud! It's a swarm of faeries, gryphons, phoenixes and wyverns taking to the air! And the sudden rumbling of the ground is the sound of a thousand manticores, chimeras, basilisks and dragons breaking their bonds and running free in the streets.\n\nThe air seems bluer and more glittery. [[Wonder is returning to the world.|Aleister]]
It looks like this:\n\n<<print "[img[" + $occult_symbol +"]]">>\n\n[["That's a...really complicated tattoo."|Shh]]\n[["Sweet tattoo, dude."|Shh]]\n[["Do you do stick-and-pokes??"|Shh]]
The room is covered in lights and buttons. "This is the control center of Beardo Manor's security systems. My suspicion, from looking over the blueprints, is that the manor has a secret basement. Odds are, that's where the missing mythics will be."\n\nAleister looks over a wall of control panels. "We're looking for a bright red button, I think. You check that side of the room."\n\n<<print "[img[" + $spaceship_control_panel +"]]">>\n\n[["Oh, this one has to be it!"|RedButton]]\n[["I don't see it, what if I just press one of these?"|RandomButton]]\n[["This isn't getting us anywhere, there's no red button!"|NoButton]]\n\n
The floor of this tunnel is covered in chunks of rock - there must have been a cave-in at some point. Fortunately there's plenty of room to pick your way over the rocks toward either the east or south.\n\n[[East!|CaveStart]]\n[[South!|CaveSouthwest]]
"I was worried you weren't going to come," he says when you show up a carefully-calculated five minutes late. He looks a little on edge, but it's softened by the fact that his coat is now polka dot and covered in butterflies and mushrooms. It must be reversible.\n\n<<display 'SecretSociety'>>
The strange creature towers over you, a mockery of human and beast.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $monster_suit +"]]">>\n\n"It's horrible but true," speaks a gravelly old voice. "He's been breeding humans and mythics to create terrible hybrids."\n\nYou spin around to face the [[source of the mysterious voice|Gryphon]].
//Hello it is I, the attractive stranger. You don't know who I am but I need your help really bad. You see: I'm a member of a secret society, investigating the disappearance of mythical creatures!\n\nThe mythics are all disappearing from the world, and I believe there are answers in the Mystery Department! There's got to be a file for "Why are all the mythics missing?" Whatever's inside it could be an important clue to what's going on!\n\nMeet me in three days in the alley where I asked you to meet me originally! I assume you just had a really long bathroom emergency. Whatever you find out, you can tell me then.\n\nThe fate of all the world's mythic beings is depending on you! Please destroy this note after you read it. You know, just to be sure.//\n\nIt's signed, "X". You fold the paper in half, and then in half again, and then again, until it's super tiny and hard, and then you stick it deep in your pocket. And then you get [[back to work|BackToWork]].
<<set $dragon_egg = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $occult_symbol = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $weird_beard = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $ken_doll = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $maze = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $spaceship_control_panel = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $hood_ornament = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $monster_suit = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $neon_sign = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $hand_gesture = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $road_sign = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $cyber_cat = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $fancy_sword = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $frank_gehry_building = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $punk_bird = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $crossword_solution = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $animal_yawn = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $baby_animal = "none yet">>\s\n<<set $the_end = "none yet">>\s\n\s\n<<set $for_a_friend = false>>\s\n<<set $sword_name = "Toothpick">>\s\n<<set $villain_speil = 0>>\s\n\s\n<<display 'Instructions'>>
This tunnel is so narrow you have to squeeze through single-file. A steady drip from the ceiling must be the source of the small puddle on the floor of the tunnel. The tunnel winds from west to south.\n\n[[West!|CaveStart]]\n[[South!|CaveSoutheast]]
He's relieved to see you show up. It turns out his jacket is reversible - this side is polka dot with butterflies and mushrooms.\n\n<<display 'SecretSociety'>>
<<set $baby_animal to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!"," animal...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|BabyAnimal]].\n\n8/19\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">fancy sword</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|FancySword]]
The cave floor rises here, and you need to crouch with your backs almost against the ceiling to get through. Fortunately the floor lowers toward the north or south.\n\n[[North!|CaveStart]]\n[[South!|CaveSouthmost]]
He pulls out a folded piece of paper.\n\n"I was able to find this blueprint of the grounds of Weirdo's mansion. [[Take a look|Amaze]]."
Aleister nods seriously.\n\n<<display 'Recap2'>>
<<set $crossword_solution to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...crossword solution...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|CrosswordSolution]].\n\n11/19\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">dragon egg</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|DragonEgg]]
"This is grave news," says Auntie Histimine, "grave, grave, supergrave news."\n\n"What should we do?" asks Aleister.\n\n"I will consult [[the spirit world|SpiritWorld]]," says Auntie Histimine.
<<print "[img[" + $the_end +"]]">>
Lunch at this place is getting weirder and weirder.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $dragon_egg +"]]">>\n\n[["Ew."|Ew]]\n[["Yum, delicious!"|Yum]]
<<if $villain_speil is 1>>Aleister passes his torch to you. "Keep Beardo talking," he whispers, before slipping off into the darkness.<<endif>>\s\n<<if $villain_speil is 2>>Out of the corner of your eye you see Aleister slowly, carefully, creeping around the outer darkness of the room, trying to sneak up on Beardo. You are careful not to look at him, to not give him away.<<endif>>\s\n<<if $villain_speil is 3>>Aleister is creeping up behind Beardo. Just a tiny bit longer...<<endif>>\s\n<<if $villain_speil is 4>>Aleister pounces and grabs Beardo's magical staff! "Rrargh!" Beardo howls in anger. Aleister struggles to pull the staff from Beardo's grip, but it suddenly flares with magical energy, throwing Aleister into the air and across the room! He hits the wall with a very unpleasant-sounding noise.\n\n''"Oh golly gosh!"'' you exclaim.\n\n"//YOU,//" Beardo growls, turning back towards you. "You've been trying to distract me! Well, //I'LL DISTRACT YOU!!//"\n\nHe points multicorn staff at you and before you can move you are hit with a white-hot blast of [[magical power|Transformation]].<<endif>>
"Heck yeah I do," he says, and you smooch while wyverns soar overhead. It's totally nice. A couple of passing fairies giggle, and then produce a big puff of glitter that twinkles around you as you hold each other and kiss.\n\n''"That was pretty cool,"'' you say.\n\n"It totally was," he says.\n\nAnd you stand and hold hands while the sky flashes rainbow with the [[passing of dragons|TheVeryEnd]].
''"I want a boyfriend."''\n\nHe blushes.\n\n"Well, uh, heehee," he stammers, "maybe we could go on a date and see how it goes?"\n\n''"Got anywhere in mind?"''\n\nHe smiles. "Meet me at Weirdo Beardo's mansion on 1 Beardo Way at sundown. And together we'll solve the mystery of the missing mythics!"\n\nOo la la! This will be your first time //solving// a mystery instead of just filing it away forever!\n\n"I'm going to see what information I can dig up on the place. I'll see you tonight!"\n\nEeheeheehee.\n\n[["Oh! Uh, what's your name?"|Name]]
"That's not exactly true!" says Aleister.\n\n"Shush," says Auntie Histimine.\n\n<<display 'Recap3'>>
The bartender eyes you suspiciously. She has a tattoo on her arm of a dagger with the words "LOVE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST."\n\n[["I'm here for the meeting."|HandSign]]
You pick up Beardo with your trunk and toss the wizard across the room.\n\nThe multicorn staff goes flying.\n\n<<display 'Meltdown'>>
You make the secret Society signal just as Aleister showed you.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $hand_gesture +"]]">>\n\nWithout speaking, the bartender ushers you into a plain door, closing it behind you. An old wooden staircase creaks loudly as you descend to the basement - an ancient-looking room lit by a swinging chandelier of steel and candles. Beneath the chandelier, [[four figures|SocietyMeeting]] sit around a round wooden table.
You've reached a dead end. There's no way further, only back to the north. Oh - there's also a dark hole in the cave ceiling. Maybe if you climb up the far wall a little you can get to it.\n\n[[North!|CaveSouthwest]]\n[[Investigate hole!|CaveBats]]
When you look back at Aleister, you can see his cheeks are wet with tears. He blushes when he catches you looking at him, and then smiles.\n\n"It's been some adventure, huh?" he asks. "We really did it. We really, really did it."\n\n[["Do you think they'll remember us?"|Legends]]\n[["Where's my pet dragon?"|BabyDragon]]\n[["Wanna make out?"|MakeOut]]
You give Beardo a friendly rub. "Excuse me," says the wizard, who is busy trying to murder your friend. "Oh," Beardo says. "You're actually quite warm and fuzzy." The wizard seems to be soothed. You can see Beardo's arms relaxing, shoulders drooping. Megalomania makes one very tense. Finally the wizard relents and begins petting you with both hands - dropping the multicorn staff in the process!\n\n<<display 'Meltdown'>>
<<set $ken_doll to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...ken doll...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|KenDoll]].\n\nSix images down of nineteen!\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">neon sign</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|NeonSign]]
"Something's not right," Aleister says, scanning the horizon. "There!" he says.\n\n[["The Mystery Department!"|Distortion]]
<<set $hood_ornament to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...hood ornament...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|HoodOrnament]].\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">spaceship control panel</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|SpaceshipControlPanel]]
<<set $animal_yawn to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 17...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code17]].\n\nNext, copy code 18! Saturn has eighteen moons.\n\n[[Ready!|Code18]]
<<set $dragon_egg = rot13($dragon_egg)>>\s\n<<set $occult_symbol = rot13($occult_symbol)>>\s\n<<set $weird_beard = rot13($weird_beard)>>\s\n<<set $ken_doll = rot13($ken_doll)>>\s\n<<set $maze = rot13($maze)>>\s\n<<set $spaceship_control_panel = rot13($spaceship_control_panel)>>\s\n<<set $hood_ornament = rot13($hood_ornament)>>\s\n<<set $monster_suit = rot13($monster_suit)>>\s\n<<set $neon_sign = rot13($neon_sign)>>\s\n<<set $hand_gesture = rot13($hand_gesture)>>\s\n<<set $road_sign = rot13($road_sign)>>\s\n<<set $cyber_cat = rot13($cyber_cat)>>\s\n<<set $fancy_sword = rot13($fancy_sword)>>\s\n<<set $frank_gehry_building = rot13($frank_gehry_building)>>\s\n<<set $punk_bird = rot13($punk_bird)>>\s\n<<set $crossword_solution = rot13($crossword_solution)>>\s\n<<set $animal_yawn = rot13($animal_yawn)>>\s\n<<set $baby_animal = rot13($baby_animal)>>\s\n<<set $the_end = rot13($the_end)>>\s\n<<display 'MysteryDepartment'>>
"Ahaha. Ahahahaha!" Someone's laughing at you! It's Bawdier Rodeo! \n\nRude.\n\n"Ahahahahaha, you fools!" The hood of Rodeo's cloak is suddenly [[thrown back|Reveal]]!
''"Delivery!"'' you shout as you knock on the front door. A bored-looking security guard opens it.\n\n"Y'all don't exactly look like delivery folks," says the guard, looking over Aleister's outfit.\n\n"We're undercover," he responds.\n\n"So what's the delivery?" the guard asks.\n\n[["Bottled fairies."|BottledFairies]]\n[["Eyes of newts."|NewtEyes]]\n[["Uh, witch...kisses?"|WitchKisses]]
It's a dead end! There's nothing here but a bookshelf.\n\nHmm: "Sparks Fly: Hooking Up as a Magic-User." "Well at One Thousand: A Wizard's Guide to Fitness." "Cantrips without Cruelty: Fifty Animal-Free Magical Regeants."\n\n"There's no time for reading!" Aleister shouts. "We've got to [[double back|DoubleBack]]!"
The Mystery Department building has been senselessly warped by magical forces.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $frank_gehry_building +"]]">>\n\n"That's where we'll find him," says Aleister. "That's where Beardo is."\n\n''"But why the Mystery Department?"''\n\n"In a way it's almost fitting," Aleister replies. "Any answers we're going to find, we're going to find [[inside|Lair]]."
You find yourself on a grassy hilltop on the outskirts of town. There's a great view from up here, the pink dawn burning all the buildings into silhouette. You can see the neat, squarish shape of the Mystery Department building - and, on the other side of town, the twisted shape of Beardo Manor, brooding over its secret caverns. You're glad to be out of them.\n\n"We need to get the Society together!" says Aleister, who is pacing the hilltop anxiously. You look at him quizzically. "The Society for a Myth-Friendly Society. You know, the secret society I belong to? I'm going to call a meeting."\n\nYou lie back in the grass and yawn. It's been a long night. Aleister can work out [[the details|Bar]].
<<set $crossword_solution to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 16...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code16]].\n\nNext, copy code 17! There are seventeen syllables in a haiku, arranged in three successive lines of five, seven and five syllables.\n\n[[Ready!|Code17]]
You grab something off the rack!\n\n<<print "[img[" + $fancy_sword +"]]">>\n\n''"I don't know what to do with this!"'' you shout. A magic missile flies it your direction and ricochets off the weapon.\n\n"It's enchanted!" yells Aleister, trying to get Xerxes' attention again. "I think it was made by elves or something! The Society's been collecting mythical weapons from yard sales for years!"\n\n''"But what do I do with it?"'' you yell, dodging the responding volley of missiles.\n\n"Give it a name!" Aleister shouts. "Enchanted swords need to have names!"\n\n[["I dub thee...Badboy."|Badboy]]\n[["I dub thee...T-rexcalibur."|T-rexcalibur]]\n[["I dub thee...Pizzaparty."|Pizzaparty]]
You take Aleister's hand, and he smiles at you. Emboldened, you walk together through the terrifying doorway into the [[wizard's chamber|InnerSanctum]].
You're in a big, four-way intersection. Curiously, there's a compass rose carved into the floor here. North leads back to the elevator - there's no going back there - south heads away from the Elevator, and east and west lead into side-tunnels.\n\n[[South!|CaveSouth]]\n[[East!|CaveEast]]\n[[West!|CaveWest]]
Torches blaze on the cold stone walls of the sorcerer's lair. Aleister takes one as you descend into the darkened depths of Weirdo Beardo's creepy labyrinth. What is it with this magician and castles and caverns and things? Maybe Weirdo collects mythical archictecture in addition to mythical creatures. Maybe-\n\n"Stop!" yells Aleister. "Don't take another step."\n\nHe holds his torch lower to illuminate [[the floor|FloorPuzzle]].
The torchlight grows brighter as you continue down the tunnel.\n\n"Yes!" says Aleister. "This must be the way!"\n\nThere's a sudden turn in the tunnel, and you round the corner - only to smack into [[the most hideous creature you have ever seen|Hybrid]].
''"But what do you need a multicorn staff for?"''\n\n"Unicorns, fairies, dragons, phoenixes. They're all dripping with magical power - real magical power. If a single unicorn horn can heal the sick, then a multicorn horn should be capable of an even greater magic: making someone like me into a true sorcerer."\n\n<<display 'Questions'>>
You run in front of Beardo. "Hey!" The wizard lunges at you - but then another of you runs past! "Double-hey!" The wizard gives chase, but can never decide which of you to pursue! After all, with the multicorn staff in hand, Beardo only has one free hand to try and catch you with. "Enough!" cries Beardo, suddenly pouncing and grabbing one of you with both hands - but in doing so, the wizard has dropped the staff!\n\n<<display 'Meltdown'>>
With you and Aleister on the platform, the elevator begins to lower. And lower. And lower.\n\n"I suspected a hidden basement," says Aleister, "but nothing this deep! We must be deep underground."\n\nA subterranean wind comes up to meet you as you descend ever deeper into the depths. Halogen bulbs on the wall of the elevator shaft provide the only light, flashing eerily over you as the platform speeds past them. It's kind of spooky, all in all.\n\n[[Hold Aleister's hand.|HoldHands]]\n[[Hold your own hand.|HoldHand]]
You fold your hands in front of you and quietly wait for the elevator ride to end.\n\n<<display 'Caverns'>>
The cavern is suddenly much brighter here, owing to a particularly big and bright patch of moss growing on the floor. You try and pick your way around it. The cavern runs from north to south, but a small hole in the western wall suggests there might be a passageway there.\n\n[[North!|CaveEast]]\n[[West!|CaveCrawlspace]]\n[[South!|CaveJunction]]
<<set $maze to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...maze...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|Maze]].\n\n15/19\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">hand gesture</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|HandGesture]]
You are transformed.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $baby_animal +"]]">>\n\n"Ahahahaha," mocks Weirdo Beardo. "Now, as for you-" The wizard turns to Aleister, who lies dazed and helpless in the corner of the room.\n\nOh no! There must be something your new body can do to stop Beardo and protect Aleister!\n\n[[You're small and fast - climb on top of Beardo!|AnimalClimb]]\n[[You can fly - poop on Beardo!|AnimalFly]]\n[[You're fuzzy and warm - disarm Beardo with comfort!|AnimalRub]]\n[[You're actually several animals - double-team Beardo!|AnimalTeam]]\n[[You're an elephant - just kick Beardo's butt!|AnimalElephant]]
Shaking with frustration, you toss <<$sword_name>> at Xerxes' towering form. Xerxes laughs as the sword bounces off its metal exoskeleton - then careens across the room, narrowly misses a ducking Aleister, and severs the rope holding the chandelier up! It comes crashing down on the creature, who goes down with a groan and a meow!\n\nWho'd have thought the titan's weak point would be getting hit on the head with a chandelier?\n\n"You did great!" says Aleister. "Come on, we've got to find Weirdo Beardo!" You follow him up the stairs. "Uh, don't you want your magic weapon?"\n\n''"Not particularly."''\n\nThe bartender just nods as you pass her. She's not phased by a lot of things. You push open the door of the bar and head out [[into the night|Night]].
<<set $sword_name = "Pizzaparty">><<display 'Swordfight'>>
"Man, I can't believe the rate at which the boss is going through fairies," says the guard. "It's some sort of life-prolongment scheme, I think. But I don't know too much about that. <<display 'Delivery'>>
<<set $occult_symbol to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...occult symbol...")>>\s\nGot it? Let's [[make sure|ImageTest]]!
''"Who is he?"''\n\n"I bet he's a government agent," says someone. "Maybe FBI, looking for information on government conspiracies in the mystery files."\n\n"No! He looks way too...//rugged// for FBI. Don't they wear nice suits? And cufflinks? And watches?"\n\n"No one wears watches any more. Maybe he's just undercover."\n\n"He could go undercover with me! I bet he's from a secret society, investigating something romantic and mysterious."\n\nYour co-worker turns to you. "Who do YOU think he is?" But before you can answer, the [[lunch|Lunch]] bell rings.
<<set $the_end to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...the end...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|TheEnd]].\n\nAll good? If not, you can [[start over|Instructions]] from the beginning.\n\n<<if $for_a_friend>><<display 'TheFriend'>><<else>>Otherwise, you're ready to begin...\n\n<span class="search">//The Mystery of the Missing Mythics//</span>\n\n[[Let's do it!|MysteryDepartment]]<<endif>>
"Frances, get down!"\n\n"Yes, 'Frances,'" says Beardo. "Why not get down, bust a move? Reveal your true form, Frances - or should I say, //Xerxes?//"\n\nFrances ingests the handheld videogame and undergoes a terrifying transformation, metal and machinery intertwining with skin. Standing at Frances' end of the table is now [[a hideous monstrocity|Xerxes]].
Anyway, you can leave the box in - uh, where's the box?"\n\n"Invisible," Aleister covers.\n\n"Okay, that makes sense with magical reagents. Yeah, you can just leave it in the loading bay."\n\n"Okay," says Aleister.\n\nThe second you're out of the guard's sight you break down a hallway, the walls decorated with skulls that don't match any animal you've ever seen. Not that you've spent a lot of time looking at their skulls. "I think the control room should be right around - aha!" Aleister pushes a door open and seems to find what he's looking for. He motions for you to [[follow him|ControlRoom]].
<<set $road_sign to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...road sign...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|RoadSign]].\n\n17/19. Two more to go!\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">weird beard</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|WeirdBeard]]
rot13 = function rot13(s) {\n return s.replace(/[a-zA-Z]/g, function(c) {\n return String.fromCharCode((c<="Z" ? 90 : 122) >= (c=c.charCodeAt()+13) ? c : c-26);\n });\n}
"Uh, wrong. I look great."\n\n<<display 'Blueprint'>>
The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end at the very sight of it.\n\n<<print "[img[" + $animal_yawn +"]]">>\n\n"It's just a door," Aleister says. "It's standard proceedure for wizards to carve terrifying animal visages into doors to their innermost sanctums, to scare away the superstitious." But you can tell he's scared too.\n\n"If we just go through that door, we'll finally catch Weirdo Beardo." Easy in theory, but you can't stop shaking.\n\n[[Take Aleister's hand and walk through the door together.|HoldingHands]]\n[[Close your eyes and run through the door!|EyesClosed]]
"This is a delicate operation and it demands a certain flair, okay? I think I'm dressed very appropriately."\n\n<<display 'Blueprint'>>
A wizened old man comes up to you as you enter the bar. "When is a bar not a bar?" he asks. You shrug. He takes out and unwraps a chocolate bar, and eats it in three quick bites. Then he holds out his empty hands to you, smugly. You buy him a drink.\n\n<<display 'Bartender'>>
Otherwise, you're ready to send some information to a friend!\n\n[[Let's do it!|FriendCode]]
''"What's in it for me?"''\n\n"You'd be saving all of the mythical creatures in the world from a terrible fate, probably! You'd be keeping magic and wonder from disappearing forever!"\n\nHe frowns when you don't seem visibly impressed.\n\n"I'll - I'll owe you one. We'll figure it out later! Just get me some information on the missing mythics and I'll give you whatever you want! We'll meet again in this alley in three days! I'm depending on you."\n\nWith a nervous glance from side to side, he [[vanishes|BackToWork]].
Hello and welcome to ''//The Mystery of the Missing Mythics//'' by anna anthropy!\n\nThis game features images that you - yes, //YOU!// - will select from image search results. Don't worry, I'll tell you what to seach for! Good image search sites include [[DuckDuckGo|]] (you have to click on "images" after making the search) and [[Google Image Search|]] (but note that Google tracks information about what you search for).\n\nReady?\n\n[[Start picking images!|Images]]\n[[Just pick for me, I want to be surprised!|SurpriseMe]]\n[[I want to pick images for a friend!|ForAFriend]]\n[[I want to use images a friend picked for me!|CodedImages]]
<<set $dragon_egg to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 1...")>>\s\nWere you able to Paste it okay? If you need a do-over, [[click here|Code1]].\n\nOtherwise, let's move on to the next one! Copy code 2 and, when you're ready, click the link below!\n\n[[Ready!|Code2]]
"What did you discover?" asks Rodeo.\n\n[["We discovered someone named Weirdo Beardo was involved!"|Recap4]]\n[["We discovered someone named Weirdo Birdo was involved!"|RecapCorrection]]\n[["We discovered someone named Weirdo Bread-dough was involved!"|RecapCorrection]]
"Go on," says Auntie Histimine.\n\n[["Aleister begged me to check a secret file for him."|RecapBeg]]\n[["I took a huge personal risk looking at classified documents."|RecapRisk]]\n[["Of my own volition, I decided to do some research."|RecapResearch]]
All this breaking into wizards' mansions and getting chased by security guards is super tuckering you out. You sit down at the base of the idol and take a breather.\n\n"Hey!" says Aleister. "Those guards will break through that door any minute and we should be looking for a way out! You know what they say about idle hands."\n\nIdol hands? You lean back against the idol and suddenly part of it moves! A secret lever?\n\n"Holy socks," says Aleister as the entire idol, with a terrible grinding sound, moves to the side to reveal a hidden platform underneath it. It looks like [[an elevator|Elevator]].
"Aleister," he says. "Not Al. Please don't call me Al."\n\nHe heads off to gather intel.\n\nThe rest of your workday seems to go on for//ever//, but finally it's [[sundown|Fashion]].
"You've got to get out of here," says the gryphon. "That was Xerxes, Beardo's prime enforcer. If Xerxes finds you here..."\n\nThe growling is getting louder, closer. You can see Aleister steeling himself for some ridiculous self-sacrifice stunt.\n\n"There's some magic left in these old bones still," says the gryphon. "I can get you both out of here."\n\n"But what about the others?" says Aleister. "How many mythics are trapped down here?"\n\n"Bring allies," says the gryphon. "Come back and free us all." The howling is so loud now it shakes the room! You watch the tunnel, expecting the creature to emerge at any moment - when your eyes fill with sparkles and then a blinding, magical light.\n\nWhen it fades, you're [[somewhere else|Escaped]].
''"But how can you justify what you've done to so many mythics?"''\n\n"Ha! I'm sure your research has told you that I used to be a stage magician! Night after night, performing parlor tricks on yachts for a jaded public when Real Magic exists in the world! Performing card tricks while phoenixes rise from the dead and cockatrices turn people to stone! It was humiliating! I wanted that power."\n\n<<display 'Questions'>>
<<set $monster_suit to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 8...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code8]].\n\nNext, copy code 9! Popular culture holds that cats possess nine lives each, due to their grace, nimbleness, and ability to escape from danger. It is considered rude to ask a cat how many of its nine lives are remaining.\n\n[[Ready!|Code9]]
<<set $neon_sign to prompt("Paste the code here!","...code number 9...")>>\s\nIf you need a do-over, [[click here|Code9]].\n\nNext, copy code 10! In tenpin bowling, knocking down all ten pins in one roll is known as a "strike," and is worth ten points plus the points from the next two rolls. A "spare" - knocking down all ten pins in two rolls - is worth ten points plus the points from the very next roll. A perfect game of tenpin bowling requires a player to bowl 12 strikes in a roll, and scores 300 points.\n\n[[Ready!|Code10]]
''"Why did you found the Mystery Department?"''\n\n"My years as a stage magician taught me the importance of mystery. Even moreso, the importance of //keeping// mysteries. If I could keep //all// of them, I could corner the market! But in doing so, I soon realized I had gathered the world's greatest collection of information on mythical creatures! Here was a market that would be far more lucrative to corner."\n\n<<display 'Questions'>>
A small, rainbow-colored dragon wings its way down from the procession in the sky and settle itself at your feet. "Human," it says. "You have done a great deed for my people and for all mythic creatures on this day. It would be my honor to call you friend. Let us ride the skies together." The dragon - who is small for a dragon but still larger than you - lowers itself to the ground so you can climb aboard its back.\n\n"Wow," says Aleister.\n\n''"Cool,"'' you say, and in moments you are [[riding the sky|TheVeryEnd]].
It's exactly what you expected: a gryphon with a monocle and a corn-cob pipe.\n\n"Do you mean Beardo?" asks Aleister. "Is he the reason for your captivity?"\n\n"Aye," says the old gryphon. "Beardo's been gathering mythics and rares - and breeding them! Breeding dragons with fairies to make dragonflies! Unicorns with unicorns to make multicorns! The magician's out of control! You must - oh no."\n\nEveryone freezes as a horrible [[growl|MagicalEscape]] fills the cavern.
<<set $villain_speil = $villain_speil + 1>><<display 'Plan'>>\n\n<<if not visited("ButWhat")>>[["But what do you need a multicorn staff for?"|ButWhat]]\n<<endif>>\s\n<<if not visited("ButHow")>>[["But how can you justify what you've done so many mythics?"|ButHow]]\n<<endif>>\s\n<<if not visited("ButWho")>>[["I recognize your voice!"|ButWho]]<<else>><<if not visited("ButWhy")>>[["Why did you found the Mystery Department?"|ButWhy]]<<endif>><<endif>>
''"He's not that hot,"'' you say, in an attempt to downplay your attraction to the rogueish figure idling in the Mystery Department lobby. You're not sure whether it's the devilish air that attends him or just that he represents a sudden exciting plot twist in the mundanity of your daily routine, but there's definitely something about this guy. Something //dangerous.//\n\nHis big coat looks a little silly on him, though.\n\n"His big coat looks a little silly, I guess," says a co-worker.\n\n"Maybe he's expecting company in there. I'd help him fill that thing out," giggles another, before turning to you. "I bet you secretly have a total crushola, don't you?"\n\nFortunately the [[lunch|Lunch]] bell saves you before you're forced to answer.
<<set $weird_beard to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...weird beard...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|WeirdBeard]].\n\n18/19. That leaves just one more!\n\nThe final thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">the end</span>\n\nPick your favorite, copy the url, and then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|TheEnd]]
<<set $punk_bird to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...punk bird...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|PunkBird]].\n\n10/19\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">crossword solution</span>\n\nYou're looking for a solved crossword puzzle! Copy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|CrosswordSolution]]
It smashes to pieces on the floor! Suddenly you're in your original form again! With the staff broken, all of Beardo's magic must be coming undone!\n\nThe walls and floor start to [[shake and groan|Delairification]].
''"I recognize your voice!"'' you say. ''"You're the President of the Mystery Department!"''\n\n"Of course," Beardo laughs. "Where do you think the Department got so many dragon egg lunches?"\n\n<<display 'Questions'>>
<<set $cyber_cat to prompt("Paste the URL of the image here!","...cyber cat...")>>\s\n\s\nFor a do-over, [[click here|CyberCat]].\n\nGood work! That's five images nailed down so far! Just to give you a heads-up, there are nineteen images total that you'll need to choose before we're ready to play! Stick with me, it'll be worth it.\n\nThe next thing to search for is:\n\n<span class="search">ken doll</span>\n\nCopy the url of an image, then click below:\n\n[[Ready!|KenDoll]]
You scour the room for anything that can help you. But there's nothing except some fancy-looking old censers that smell strongly of incense.\n\n"We can create a cloud of smoke to hide ourselves in, then escape while the guards are looking for us!"\n\nBut there's no incense nor anything to light it with. Aleister looks disheartened.\n\n[[Look for secret passages.|SecretIdol]]\n[[Take a break.|IdleIdol]]
Soon the elevator begins to slow and finally comes to a stop.\n\n"Wow," says Aleister. You're in a weird underground cavern, the twisting passages illuminated by glowing blue moss that grows on the damp cave walls.\n\n"If the missing mythics are anywhere, it's here. We're going to have to explore this gnarly-looking cave."\n\nYou press forward through [[a crack in the wall|CaveStart]].
<<set $for_a_friend = true>>\s\n\s\n<<display 'Images'>>
You press the button.\n\nThere's a crackle of static, and then the radio turns on! "Frickles" by the Booty Blasters starts playing.\n\n"That's my //jammmmm!//" shouts someone in an adjacent room. "Me too!" shouts someone else. They're coming this way!\n\n"[[Floor it!|HallwayChase]]" yells Aleister.
"It wasn't //that// hard," whines Aleister.\n\n<<display 'Recap5'>>
You look behind and under everything. Some tapestries hang in the room, displaying ancient heraldic beasts and creatures out of myth - those seem like prime candidates to be concealing a door or two! But nope, nothing behind them but dust and tiny spiders.\n\n"I checked all the potted plants," says Aleister. "There are no hidden switches."\n\n[[Search the room for useful objects.|SearchIdol]]\n[[Take a break.|IdleIdol]]