Welcome to Emotica!

Emotica is a fully editable world made entirely of emoji! Edit the world, make your own Emotica, then Export it and send it to your friends!


Use the arrow keys to move around the world and the mouse to edit, move and create!

You might need to give the game a few minutes to load all the emoji and sound effects. There's a lot of them!

Emotica saves automatically when you close your browser pane - if you want to restore the world to its original state, download the world file at right and Import it!

UPDATE 6/23/16: Fixed a bug that prevented exporting worlds! Whoops.

UPDATE 11/7/15: Emotica has been updated to include the new iOS 9.1 emoji, so if you were waiting on the chance to include a unicorn in your Emotica world, now's your chance! Both the online and downloadable versions have been updated. Additionally, Emotica is now open source.

Created with support by Different Games and NYU IDM.

anna anthropy made the original Emotica prototype! She co-designed this version of Emotica and built the Demo World.
Leon Arnott co-designed and programmed Emotica! He created the interface you use to play Emotica.
Liz Ryerson created all of the sounds you hear in Emotica!

Emotica for Windows / OSX / Linux
Run Emotica locally on your computer!
Emotica sound library
If your sounds folder is missing, just dump this entire folder in your Emotica folder!
Emotica prototype
The original release of Emotica, with GameMaker source. For Windows only!

Demo World
The world that comes with Emotica!
Babycastles World
This world was specially made for an exhibition at Babycastles!
Learn about the secret lives of bees in this world by Cherry Cupid.
Blank World
An empty slate for building your own worlds.

Emotica: the movie!
This is what Emotica looks like!

...is available right here!