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in the woods

happy may day! for my programming class i had to not only write a text adventure, but also code the parser in c#.

in the woods also has a splash screen. my classmates were all implementing ascii graphics, but no one was doing oldschool ansi block art. i couldn’t help myself.

down down down

down down down is a stage for super smash bros. brawl. it’s been tested on level designers and seems sturdy enough!

i tried to achieve a nice dynamic between the top and bottom of the screen – a kind of circular motion through the stage. the falling platforms drop players down, or force them to move, the sides steer them back up. the platforms in the center serve as points of temporary stability, places for players to catch their breath, but not to linger because holding them is difficult.

the stage is designed for four players in a timed game, but try other rules. drop falling platforms on opponents’ heads while they try to recover from falls!