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star perv

star perv

star perv is a truetype font. it’s a fixed width, all caps font: CAPITAL caps are taller than lowercase caps. it’s inspired by the typeface of universe 3. it looks best at sizes that are multiples of six (size six for the original pixels), without antialiasing.

you’re free, even encouraged, to use this font in any game or project you may be up to. bob fearon used one of my fonts in squid yes not so octopus 2: squid harder, and look how that turned out: possibly the best game of its kind!

diddled bits

diddled bits

diddled bits is a truetype font.

i drew the numbers for a game i’m working on, then decided i liked them enough to make a full font out of them. it was a kind of design challenge: none of the pixels were allowed to touch, even at corners. on one hand, this made the font very technically easy to implement – nothing overlaps! on the other, it’s challenging to convey the shapes of letters without connecting pixels. especially in a fixed-width font.

text looks best in sizes that are multiples of 12, or use size 5 for the original resolution. this font tends to read better at smaller resolutions. please don’t anti-alias.

truetype fonts of the old west

you always wished you could type like they did in the old west. now your day has arrived. truetype versions of fonts from calamity annie for people using windows and mac. (making this the first calamity annie-related software that mac users can run. tell yoyo games to get busy on game maker mac!)

wild bill yonder and listen here, miss look their crispest at sizes 5 (which is the original resolution), 24, 48 and 72. if you absolutely need them at other sizes, you probably want to turn on anti-aliasing. somehow, though, i’ll know, and i’ll shake my head.

to make up for the lack of capitalization on my blog, both fonts contain capital letters exclusively (in the old west, they type in all caps), with one exception: listen here, miss includes both the original capital N i designed for the font and the lowercase n that actually appears in the game, depending on whether you type the letter as capital or lowercase. otherwise there’s no distinction between upper and lower cases. there are also some new characters that never appeared in the game, for your convenience. (listen here has fewer because some symbols are just harder to render with a width of three pixels.)