mars needs cunnilingus

i made this font for the message bar in my new game, something in the vein of midway / vid kidz arcade games. but as always you, my dears, are welcome to use it for whatever purposes you like. it’s a small, blocky font with tiny cut-outs.

4 thoughts on “mars needs cunnilingus”

  1. Wouldn’t having an opening there cause distention from explosive decompression or are you aiming to establish a new marketable fetish?

  2. in order to extend their civilization throughout the cosmos martians have evolved the capability of having non-reproductive sex in hard vacuum.

  3. RE: Blind_in_Texas

    …you say that like a tight spacesuit of the sort pulp sci-fi has been full of forever couldn’t be built in a dental-dam version.

    if the tensile strength to provide compression all over without circulatory complication is licked (pun intended), one cannot help but suspect that the same solution to enabling proper range of motion would also mean making it capable of being thin enough for sensation to pass through… and an eager cunnilinguist can get sensation through a fair thickness of material (though denim is a serious challenge)

  4. RE: Manickitten

    …Cunnilinguist is the best word I’ve ever seen, heard, read.
    My life is changed today.

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