i downloaded the magnavox odyssey 2 romset yesterday and was really pleased with some of the games. in particular i was impressed by the odyssey 2 take on pachinko, which, while being only very superficially similiar to actual pachinko, still creates a really interesting experience for two players. each player moves a little person with a pong paddle around the screen, trying to direct the two bouncing balls into scoring pockets. hitting a ball also changes it to that player’s color, and when a ball goes into a pocket the points go to the player whose color matches the ball.

for klik of this month, i decided to make a klik & play version of odyssey 2 pachinko. play it online thanks to radix. the first player to a thousand points wins.

klik of the month is getting so good that i can’t pick favorites anymore. play them all, they’re brilliant. (though if i was forced to pick my favorite, it would be between this and this.)

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