tease me up

tease me up

my klik this month is a kind of sequel to here comes the judge, a game i made for the original klik-n-play pirate kart. i’ve always wanted to put the “grazing” mechanic from some shooters – letting bullets rub up against you but never close enough to actually strike you – into the context of not coming yet. since i have a windows seven computer now, i had to run klik-n-play in windows 3.1 which i was running in dosbox. i liked it that way – everything i put into the game had to come from klik-n-play, because importing outside resources (like i’ve usually done) would have taken much more time.

my favorites this month are virtua swordsman, an abstract and perfect two-player game, and cactus block, a game about building a path for your little avatar by placing blocks, but every time you click there’s a random chance of placing either a safe-to-stand-on block or a deadly cactus. i really like the way the game forces you to plan around chance. oh, and agj made a twine story about the money shot.

and speaking of the 100-in-1 klik-n-play pirate kart, my beautiful snowflakes, on saturday and sunday the 27th and 28th, we’re going to be creating the follow-up: the 371-in-1 pirate kart II. if we’re going to make three hundred and seventy-one games in two days, we’re going to need your help. all are invited. it’s klik-n-play, and you can make a reasonable approximation of whatever ridiculous game idea you may have sitting around your head in half an hour. so let’s do this! we’ll set you up with klik-n-play if you need us to.

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  1. I tried getting into this “klik of the month” club a while back, but have never been able to fully grasp how to actually use the program. The tutorials online were annoying and were not very helpful. I am interested in this pirate kart though!

  2. part of the fun, i think, is figuring out how to make klik-n-play do what you want it to. and i think you do figure it out, sooner or later – some working approximation of it, anyway – so long as you’re persistant. klik-n-play is really rules-based, so apart from its many quirks it’s probably the game-making software that makes the most sense.

    and people are welcome to use whatever they like to design games for these events, anyway. we just think klik is a good starting point for most people who’ve never made games before.

  3. I would imagine that’s where my problem was. I didn’t experiment with the program long enough (only tinkered with it for about 2 days) to truly see how everything worked. I’ll definitely start messing around in that environment again throughout the week. Is the event all day for 2 days??

  4. the event is two days long, which doesn’t mean that you’re expected to work on the same game for two days or that you’re expected to be working on games all two days. just that hopefully sometime over the course of that weekend you can find the time to put together a few games and maybe shoot the shit with some of the other people putting together games in the irc channel.

  5. I know I’m just a big old attention whore but sometimes now I feel lost in the crowd at Glorious Trainwrecks… eh, I haven’t been trying to hard to be social as of late I s’pose…


  6. I am so very very pumped for the KotMK. It’s going to be awesome.

    I’m a bit nervous since everyone thinks I’m going to be making billions of games for it, but it’s going to be a blast so i’m not that worried.

  7. kirk you always stand out from the crowd in my heart.

    the sense of a close-knit community is always jeopardized when a small group starts getting a lot bigger, but i think that the more people we can get making games the better.

  8. Yeah.
    Last fall i stopped keeping up w/ all the games people were making, and now it feels hard to catch up at all, or even keep pace.

    And that’s the danger of the Kart thing, people do need to play games and give feedback not just create create create create

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