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last week! nyu! game design panel! cactus gulped some booze beforehand so he would talk during the panel. he told me “fuck you” for not having played alex kidd. messhof slouched next to dapper moderator charles pratt and grimaced a lot while gesturing with his hands. there turned out to be a bunch of people in the audience who should have been sitting on the panel, including bennett foddy, creator of qwop and a number of other games i like better. to amend the situation, we we went out to drink with dr. foddy, anthony carboni, frank lantz and some other miscreants after the panel.

the panel was recorded (though my mic escaped down my top at some point – fortunately, i’m loud) and should be available to listen to at some point, but here’s a spoiler: the most surprising moment in the panel was when my slut asked whether the panelists had any interest in making games with non-digital elements (not even board or card games, maybe just something like sharkrunners, which incorporates the positions of tagged real-world sharks). both messhof’s and cactus’s answer was a curt, emphatic “no.” which is curious, since i’d argue that messhof’s games already incorporate physical elements like the steering wheel that thrill of combat was played with while it was installed in mocca toronto.

in case you were either too cool or to far from new york to attend, my slut and our mutual friend, dr. mary t. burgers, took a whole bunch of photos (there are some pics of a nude slut in there; if you’re scared, don’t scroll past the edamame). pictured above: i present slides on boot-licking as narrative. but this photo is my favorite.

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  1. i would have gone to this, but was stuck in studio all the way over in the bay area.

    why is the new york game scene so much cooler.

  2. wait, so you flew over to new york JUST for this? dess you have some mad ducatz.

    also why do you ignore my tweets =(

  3. So now that you’re here on the west coast, can we look forward to some game panels that don’t require a flight all the way to the other side of the country?

  4. i would’ve loved to be there.

    doesn’t bennet live in australia or something like that? i love his games. qwop is lots of fun and i wasted so much time playing too many ninjas.

    daph, you’re the new face ngj now, how does that make you feel?

  5. gonzo games journalism dario GET IT RIGHT

    hey ma’am you should hotlink the photo instead of linking to it in its photostream because i have to have my content for 18+ flickr users only or else i get banned
    hot linking is totally cool though

  6. It was a pleasure to meet you guys. I’m glad you didn’t think my name was qwop, I got worried after seeing Daphny’s twitter.

    Dario – previously Australia, now New York, and probably London sometime next year. Maybe sometime I’ll actually have time to complete another game.

  7. You should play Alex Kidd but not past the second stage, the one with the bike. That’s the best one. I am a big fan of the game but I am being realistic here.

    Don’t play any of the sequels either except that one which was the Shinobi crossover.

  8. My favourite part’s the couple of tricky jumps in the last level. It’s a pretty short game anyway. It’s one of my favourites, even though I never had a master system as a kid.

  9. Blind_In_Texas wrote:

    “Don’t play any of the sequels either except that one which was the Shinobi crossover.”

    Hey now sir or ma’am I’ll have you know that Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle was one damn fine game.

  10. Regarding that “augmented reality” question…. i guess it depends on the context in my case. If its just there for the “it’s new! it’s hip! it’s a gimmick!” appeal, i yawn and rather play an “oldschool” game. But if it someway really is part of the “game” or allows the designer to make an interesting thought-provoking experiment with the player (there’s LOTS of potential for this with augmented reality), then yes, i would like it.

    So, in my case: If the designer used augmented reality just for its own sake, i rather pass, but if he used it to create a new kind of game, experience or “message” – sure, go for it!

  11. Hello! Now that you’re posting again, how about linking to the Klikkin’ Bones Halloweekend games? (And by ‘the’ I of course mean ‘my’.)

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