rom check fail

rom check fail stitches together the most iconic games of the eighties with the unifying thread of the glitch. the goal is to clear each screen of enemies, but they might be space invaders or asteroids or the qix and you might be mario or link or the defender and each of these things is prone to change in the midst of a sprite scramble every few seconds.

what i like about rom check fail is that implicit in its design is the understanding that there’s a common vocabulary of videogames. each avatar has its own verb: mario jumps, the tank shoots, pac-man gobbles. the game emerges when different verbs are set against different objects.

3 thoughts on “rom check fail”

  1. A couple weeks ago if you had asked me anything about indie gaming, I wouldn’t have been able to say much outside of Warning Forever, N, Gish, and I’m OK among a couple of others.

    But then one night Kotaku made a post about this game. I fell in love with it, and it caused me to get into my current obsession with indie games.

    So this one will always hold a special spot for me. It doesn’t hurt it that the idea behind it is somewhat brilliant as well.

  2. it’s inspired is what it is. the glitch has always been the mysterious in videogames, the magic circle through which we enter hidden lands and minus worlds. it’s the fraying around the edges of our game worlds where rules blend with possibility. what if in that enchanted wood our games could bleed together?

  3. Hi Anna – I shared the above quote about “the glitch” with some friends, and one of them responded with “This thoughtscape is the birthplace of the hacker.” I thought that was really nice.

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