there’s a shortage of italic pixel fonts – the typeface from link’s awakening is the only one that leaps to mind – so i threw together this truetype font based on the text from all roads lead from home, which has always been one of my favorites despite being a quick experiment. fixed width, capitals only. i’m looking forward to seeing it in some of your games. star perv made the rounds at the last ludum dare, and nothing makes me feel so pervasive as cracking open someone’s game and seeing one of my fonts look back at me.

sample text by christine love.

7 thoughts on “slanted”

  1. Hello! Which program you used for making this font?
    I haven’t spent much time exploring the subject, bu so far only really usable tool for creating pixel fonts I encountered was net-based which I linked in name field.

  2. Thanks. I saw this tutorial, but it seems like it’s very hard and time-consuming way of defining pixels?

  3. wow, that’s some amazing type. I’d really love to get to know whatever talented and surely beautiful young lady could’ve written that.

  4. I can’t believe that I’ve always thought her name was Christina. I wonder how many tweets and links and so on I’ve fucked up with that one.

    Maybe it’s all my brother’s phantom of the opera lark that’s blocked the name “christine” out.

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