star perv

star perv

star perv is a truetype font. it’s a fixed width, all caps font: CAPITAL caps are taller than lowercase caps. it’s inspired by the typeface of universe 3. it looks best at sizes that are multiples of six (size six for the original pixels), without antialiasing.

you’re free, even encouraged, to use this font in any game or project you may be up to. bob fearon used one of my fonts in squid yes not so octopus 2: squid harder, and look how that turned out: possibly the best game of its kind!

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  1. I can’t help but comment on your claim that SYNSO 2 is “possibly the best game of its kind”. It’d be hard to make a convincing argument that it’s even a better game than Geometry Wars, much less any other arena shooter (Smash TV, Robotron:2084, Everyday Shooter, countless others) that, you know, LETS YOU SHOOT IN DIRECTIONS OTHER THAN THE ONE YOU’RE MOVING IN.

    If you expand your definition of “its kind” to the realm of shooting games, the claim becomes even more laughable. Are we living in some messed up world where arcade devs have never surpassed Galaga? ESP Ra.De., Touhou, Gradius, R-type, Giga Wing… they all cower in the glory that is Squid Yes Not So Octopus 2 Squid Harder, a game with four levels differentiated only by their time limits and number of enemies, a game with no powerups or bosses, a game whose only feature is its idiotic limitations on the way you need to aim your shots at enemies by flying headlong into them. I’d say you’re lowering your standards because it’s an indie game and INDIE GAMES ARE ALWAYS BETTER, but I somehow doubt you had any standards to begin with.

    But…that’s why you started your claim with “possibly”, right?

    I like the font, by the way.

  2. For a brief second I thought it was a new game called “Star Perv” and my mind imagined a rauncier version of the Space Quest series.

  3. Fish: Strawman is when I refute a point that is superficially similar to the original proposition without actually refuting the original proposition. Seeing as how the original proposition was “Squid Yes Not So Octopus 2 is possibly the best game of its kind” and my response was “lol no, as a fan of shooting games I find that somewhat offensive”, I don’t see how that applies to my post.

    Of course I was playing it up a bit for effect, but I think my point is pretty clear. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe calling SYNSO 2 (or ANY game, for that matter) “possibly the best game of its kind” without any attempt to communicate the aspects of the game that elevate it to such honors is in no way close minded. But if that’s true, I’d love to hear your reasoning behind why, rather than just “hurr cool logical fallacy, bro”.

  4. I think it was kind of obvious she was talking about arena shooters. You then went on to claim that she could be talking about all shooters, and then attacked that position.

    If it’s not a straw man per se, fine, but semantics aside I think it was a pretty dumb argument.

    That aside, I’ve played Geometry Wars and SYNSO, and I’d go for the latter, honestly. Not being able to move and aim independently is weird, yes, but it’s compensated for by the large spread and power of the players weapon, so there’s no finicky aiming, it’s just about knowing when to aim and when to run. It keeps the game fast-paced and interesting when you can’t just go about holding back in the corners and picking away at the enemy, but rather have to balance attacking and getting away.

    SYNSO excels because the nature of the player’s weaponry makes it a game where you genuinely have to be aggressive and move in, as compared to other shooter’s where you’re mostly defensively keeping away from enemies, and so playing a shooter that finally feels like it’s encouraging the player to be aggressive instead of timid is probably more fitting to the nature of the genre and, I find, is a lot more fun.

    I’m not the best writer, but can you see what I’m getting at?

  5. I do indeed. And as I played through SYNSO2 I did indeed consider the mechanics as a reflection on forcing the player to move aggressively. I personally think a more interesting decision would be to encourage different styles of play through scoring systems and enemy attack patterns, as in Everyday Shooter, rather than limiting the player’s abilities. In the end, the lack of flexibility amounts to a game that really isn’t very nuanced and doesn’t give the player a lot of room to improve…that is to say, there’s not much depth. Geometry Wars had a good deal of entertaining enemy patterns and behaviors as well as those fun little black holes (enemy spawns prevent you from “holding back in the corners and picking each enemy away, in fact it’s often safer to stay away from the edges of the screen), and Everyday Shooter added so much uniqueness to each stage that you had to significantly change your strategies in each (same goes, to a lesser extent, for Smash TV). Neither of those games are perfect (as none are), but I think they have quite a bit more to offer than SYNSO2.

    I’ll admit I probably did go a bit overboard, and for that I apologize. The comparison to all shooters is more from a twitter post Dess made a while back about SYNSO2, but I have often heard people consider arena shooters unofficially part of the same genre as other shmups. I went the extra mile just to drive the point home. Obviously the original statement wasn’t made with the intent of blowing any minds, and once again I apologize for blowing it out of proportion, but I think it’s important that such bold claims as THIS COULD POSSIBLY BE THE BEST GAME EVER not be thrown around aimlessly. Thanks for responding in such a sane manner. I do most of my arguing on 4chan /v/ and I’m not used to it.

  6. previous response was to Fishyboy, and BEST GAME EVER should I suppose be appended to BEST OF ITS KIND. But y’know, whatever works.

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