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i was witholding octopounce because adam and eric were trying to license the artxgames. true to form, though, the business types were only interested in the games if they could be converted to advergames. “octocars” just wasn’t going to cut it. the deal fell through, but as a result, i can finally make octopounce available for download. play one of the “sleeper hits” of E3!

download octopounce for windows or mac

the game was designed for big social events with lots of people: if you play by yourself it’ll probably be boring. the way we ran the game was to hook four game pads up to it (i put a sticker on each one of the color of octopus it controlled). if you’re stuck running the game on a keyboard, there’s a config included file that allows you to change all of the controls to your liking.

see the readme file for the full poop! if you run the game at a big event, let me hear about how it went!

14 thoughts on “octopounce for download”

  1. wow this is exactly what i was expecting, which is to say, incredibly awesome. glad to have another projector-worthy game that’s reason to fill up the usb slots with gamepads and party.

    too bad licensing didn’t work out, but i’m glad to be playing it now!

  2. I’m trying to play it with my wireless x-box controllers for pc, but it only recognizes one controller. how can I fix this? thanks in advance

  3. This game is meant to be played on an iPod/Pad with 4+ players at a time.

    Tilt left and right to move, press anywhere on the screen to jump.

    Great game for at home, too.

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