milk teef on an adventure

milk teef

pixel sundays! lardee and ickle are on an adventure.

what i love about the gameboy is that a whole game has to be built out of the same four colors. it gives the game world a cohesion that – especially in these shades of brown on yellow – reminds me of storybook illustrations. grab bgb and a rom of trip world and tell me you don’t agree.

an earlier draft of this image was posted on my twitpic, where i post little pictures from time to time.

11 thoughts on “milk teef on an adventure”

  1. I like the colour limitations too, but only because i’m /so/ crap with shading and so on. i usually use the gimp’s dodge/burn tool and just try not to look at it directly.

    game development requires a lot of fucking skills!

  2. @jaz:

    Did you try a “banded” palette yet? With this i mean a palette, in which hue and saturation is covered quite fine, but for luminance levels, there are only like 3 or 4 steps. Means that you dont need to do detailed shading – plus, the visuals get some kind of “silhouette-like” look. Think Out Of This World or similiar.

  3. i’ve been playing metroid ii for the last week and it looks so perfect in grayscale. why are terrible internet nerds so obsessed with playing it in color? WHY?

    trip world rules too.

  4. i have to say: i played metroid 2 on the super gameboy last month and i really liked the palette it gave the game. i was impressed how well it fit all the different scenes in the game.

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