the x-spot

the x-spot

the x-spot resembles yoshio ishi’s hoshi saga games, the goal of which is to find a star hidden somewhere on each screen. since the X, as a fixture in typography and communications, is much more innocuous, in x-spot you find it in a variety of contexts  – including other games, whose goals may be at odds with this game’s overriding goal of simply finding and clicking on the X.

found on the indiegames blog, making this the x-post.

5 thoughts on “the x-spot”

  1. I played this through yesterday and it was a real treat. Definitely liked the twist you mention above where in some of the mini-games you are trying to figure out how to fail sometimes as quick as possible to get to where you think the ‘x’ might be. The look and feel of the game was really coherent for me as well and made it really hold together during the experience.

  2. Only thing I didn’t like about this game was that occasionally there was a small X somewhere in the text that wasn’t the X you were *supposed* to click on. You’d think they’d be a bit more careful about that sort of thing. :(

    Other than that, I liked it. It was kinda clever, but not quite as creative as the Hoshi Saga games.

  3. the only one i had a problem with was the clay shooter becuase its not really obvious how many counts as EXCELLENT and figuring things out through trial and error isnt very fun

    everything else was really neat though, i really liked the roman numeral one

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