6 thoughts on “green beneath the ground”

  1. man, these are really lovely.
    your palette is perfectly contrasted, and the style is lovely. seems to be very aware of what works post nes, cave story, and even in the later notable gamemaker games.

    the spikes seem to call attention to the grid to me… probably because the highlights start level at the top of the tile without much variation, and the light source seems to conflict with the grass and underground blocks (even though they’re probably not highlights the aforementioned contrast give them that appearance).

    i’m slightly worried about the floaty imprecision that too often plagues flying in platform games, i really hope you manage to retain the razor sharp control of your other work.

    how do you keep things pixel-perfect in flash, if i may ask?

  2. yeah, the lighting on the spikes does come from a different direction than that on the blocks. i should redraw them: they were made kind of hastily in the first place. the highlights are just there to make the spikes catch the player’s eye, being dangerous hazards.

    and the truth is that the game’s not pixel-perfect: all of the sprites are simply doubled before i put them in the game. if you look close you can see that the pixels on the pig don’t quite line up with those on the ground. a solution would be to have everything move in multiples of two, but i’d rather have the greater range of precision than pixel-perfect screenshots.

    at a two-to-one ratio, it’s close enough that it’s probably not noticable. mighty jill off’s sprites are resized four-to-one, and it’s a lot more apparent that things don’t line up right.

  3. How to keep things pixel-perfect in flash:

    – Render everything to a bitmap instead of using movieclips
    – Scale the bitmap on screen
    – Tear your hair off because it’s a huge pain in the ass to do this

  4. Of course nothing keeps you from keeping -virtual- floating point coordinates for the pig’s position and then apply truncating shenanigans to the actual coordinates

  5. yeah that would be kind of hideous though, non integer movement in low-rez usually ends up looking/feeling awful.

    i like auntie’s compromise for the sake of visual feedback. also, i do like how the highlights influence perception of depth and play space, that was more or less what i was trying to compliment.

    thanks for the info zara, didn’t know about the pure-bitmap method… i always thought yours were vectorized which would be even worse to attempt i suppose.

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