pixels, not homos


i’ve got good news and bad news for you today.

the good news is the existence of the pixelstyle blog, which wants to “showcase and celebrate the aesthetic of pixels, whether from games, demos, original artwork, or anything else.” and the pixels within are expectedly diverse, from gameboy camera photos to pixel portraits to game screenshots to ansi block art (where text-mode characters, not tiny dots of color, are used as the atoms from which images are built, and some of my favorite stuff). the blog is run by enso, a gorgeous artist in his own right (i really like his occasional use of pixels at different resolutions in the same image).

the bad news is that golfland hates queers.

according to this blog, the golfland chain of arcades – a couple of which i’ve been to and spent money at and enjoyed – have contributed over $35,000 to california’s fuck the homos bill, proposition 8. they won’t see any more of my queer quarters. i caught wind of this by insertcredit, whose poster joel writes:

I wasn’t particularly surprised to learn this, but I am surprised it was only reported on activist blogs and not on any videogame related ones. There is a website called gaygamer.net. They run banner ads for gourmet food and Subaru cars (literally, this is not a generalization), but they didn’t report this. I guess I don’t understand the purpose of a gay videogame site then.

and i share his disappointment with gay gaming sites whose interest doesn’t extend beyond queers as consumers.

7 thoughts on “pixels, not homos”

  1. I love the content but am unsure about the layout for that pixel blog.. or is the point that the “thumbnails” are the actual size? I couldn’t quite tell.

  2. “and i share his disappointment with gay gaming sites whose interest doesn’t extend beyond queers as consumers.”

    I guess the issue is that queers qua queers don’t, do my knowledge, simply don’t exist as a social gaming group beyond consumers. A single website (even a focused blog) would possibly be enough to constitute a movement (or get one started).

    I would be very interested indeed in such a thing, though I can’t imagine how it would go about doing … anything … probably lack of imagination on my part, though.

  3. If I’m wrong about this, by all means please enlighten me, but I don’t see how being gay changes anything about appreciating video games. All the other sites aren’t “straight” gaming sites. Why should a gay person need video games analyzed any differently from a straight person? So as for why these sites are so often trash, it’s because they’re halfheartedly creating a niche where one doesn’t actually exist.

  4. because queerness is political, or it was once upon a time. and, as joel points out, it’s really damning that the one bit of news that explicitly affects queer gamers receives no coverage on the sites that purport to exist for them.

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