mind fuck

mind fuck

of all the six-million seven-thousand and three hundred thirty-four bars in this spiral of the galaxy – though, to be fair, only three of those are worth being at. anyway, she walked into yours, and you immediately feel gravity’s pull. she carries herself like the solar wind gets up in the morning just to buzz through her jets, like a moon would leave its star to orbit her. she takes a seat at one of those cool blue tables popular in this corner of space, the kind they mold from frozen light. the table’s set for two.

a boyish arcturan tries her luck, two of her eyes innocent, the other two seductive. lady love fingers her raygun and the kid loses her nerve. you like this lady’s style. visions of hands pulling on antennae and teeth sinking into sea-green skin flash before your eyes like a solar flare. it’s time for a conjunction: one sun falling into another. you make your way across the bar.

mind fuck is an experimental game for two players, one using the left shift key and the other using the right shift key. the goal is to collect 400 points. a counter in the middle of the screen keeps increasing, and whichever player presses her key first gets those points added to her total. you want to press the key before your opponent does, but you also want to hold out as long as possible before doing so. read your opponent, intimidate her, distract her, press your button right before she’s about to press hers.

click here to download mind fuck for windows or mac

mind fuck is inspired by a game called “mind chess.” in this game, two players stare each other down as they take turns saying “check.” eventually, one of them says “checkmate” instead and wins. you can call checkmate at any time, but the goal is to make the game last as long as possible and still win – to call checkmate right before your opponent is going to. when played right, it is a game about intense mental sex.

mind fuck is an abstract game; the first version was made for my sister and her fiancee, and was called “i love you more.” the public version of the game, i decided, would have to feature dykes who want to fuck each other in the most violent way possible, in space. like shufflepuck cafe, i figured a totally abstract game could have a wonderfully superfluous space bar theme.

the marvelous rebecca clements drew my space dykes and gave them a table across which to leer at each other. and the music that can be heard in the game is by my slut, who is currently sick with a terrible australian fever. at the climax of a game of mind fuck, please visualize her clawing her way out of a pile of stones with her bare hands while screaming joseph stalin’s name. send her your healing energy.

32 thoughts on “mind fuck”

  1. Lovely! Gets pretty tense as attentions flit between the count and your meat opponent. Although if you’re tied with high scores it sort of devolves into a luck-of-the-draw mash.

    Seems the exe is in there twice though..? I wondered why the download was so big.

  2. You know, I was wondering why your so-called “Diddled Bits” font shows up on my computer as, and I quote, “Mindfuck Digits.”

    Now I must remember to uninstall it when I give this computer to my mother. Curse you people!

    P.S: What? Rebecca Clements? How come everyone on this Internet is suddenly bosom-chums with everyone else on this Internet?

  3. The rules remind me of the British pseudo-game called Mornington Cresent.

    Played on the comedy panel show Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, the players take turns saying the names of places. Originally these were the names of underground stations, but they expanded into all kinds of places. The object is to “get” to Mornington Crescent, by saying, as your turn, “Morning Crescent.”

    It is not a real game. Anyone can say “Morning Crescent” at any time and “win.” The key to playing is not to win, it is to try to cause observers to believe it is a real game. So the idea is to drag it out a bit, then one of the players will of a whim say “Mornington Crescent!” and the others will play at being dismayed, shake their fists, and claim it won’t be so easy for them NEXT TIME.

    The idea is to make the game seem real, but complicated, and thus confuse observing players.

  4. . . . was called “i love you more.”

    See, now this is witty. But I guess you had to go with high concept.

  5. Hey, would you send me the .gmk file for this? I´ve been working on something similar in GM and would like to some technical reference.

    Cheers, Patrick

  6. Australian fever is the first stage of a two stage disease that cause sores that seep a vegemite-coloured liquid to spontaneously grow on the skin. We don’t get Australian fever down here because we all get the required shots at birth.

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  8. Hey, just to say great work! Not just this, but Onehanded and Calamity Annie too (tho’ the latter is showing up my complete lack of reflexes, hehe).

  9. Game improvement idea: If the score counter is invisible AND starts at a random negative number, you have less to earn by pressing too early, the tension skyrocketing ;O

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