johnny platform’s biscuit romp

johnny biscuit\'s platform romp

johnny platform’s biscuit romp (which i’m henceforth going to refer to as “johnny biscuit’s platform romp”) is apparently now an xbox live community title, but i first encountered it as a homebrew ds game. it’s by craig forrester, whose two-player treasure treasure i’ve mentioned before. the game seems to be inspired by the bonus platformer the behemoth includes with their game alien hominid, but unlike that title isn’t plagued by bugs that remain unfixed even after the authors have started selling extra levels.

the level design (there’s fifty) is smart and makes marvelous use of the vertical space afforded by a machine with two screens stacked on top of one another. and even when a level fits just one screen, forrester has the design sense to make the “empty” screen interesting to look at. there’s an emulator-friendly version of the game for those who’d like to play johnny biscuit’s platform romp (YOU?) but don’t have the hardware.

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