to refill her hearts

refill her hearts

zelda’s hearts felt a little empty. a mysterious woman in red offered to refill them – the princess, who hadn’t seen any fairies in a while, couldn’t refuse such a selfless offer.

another nintendo princess to make the transition from brunette to blonde as the eight-bit gave way to the sixteen, zelda spends the adventure of link – the inspiration for my recent ludum dare game – inhabiting the role of sleeping beauty, awakening only when link completes his personal journey. what i’ve taken to calling the “princess-castle myth” (from “our princess is in another castle“) is essentially the videogame form of the sleeping beauty story – the suggestion that a woman needs a man to awaken her, obstensibly sexually (and the adventure of link, indeed, ends with a kiss behind a curtain).

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  1. The Queen is interesting. From the story of Jill Off, she almost seems like a generic damsel-in-distress. For me at least, playing the game felt about like rescuing Peach or some other generic goal, even though the context is radically different. The Queen obviously isn’t in distress, and a female sub crawling (ok, well, jumping) back to her Domme is not the same as a male rescuer charging in triumphantly.
    Still, I think it’s interesting the rough shape of booty-call-as-motivation is preserved, even with the translation from heteronormative adventure to lesbian D/s punishment.

  2. i like to think that all videogame princess-damsels are manipulating the desire of their heroes to create a motivation for their quests. the queen is simply more explicit about this.

    i imagine while the queen’s waiting she’s planning new tower chambers built entirely of spikes and fire to subject jill to, and touching herself.

  3. man the queens sketchbook is probably fucking awesome

    and hot

    also she probably has really normal hobbies, like playing videogames and writing in her blog

  4. Thank you.

    From the strange argument-like substance we left in the Tetris post, I assumed I was quietly hated.

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