be the hunted

be the hunted

be the hunted is another stage for bangai-o spirits. the goal is to simply survive for sixteen seconds, indicated by the track along the edge of the screen. during those rather long sixteen seconds you are hunted by four sword-wielding robots, each of whom is incidentally named sue.

this stage, i’ll admit it, might be asking a bit too much. i’m still getting a sense for what is a fair level of difficulty for bangai-o: it’s tricky because this is a game designed entirely for high-level play. so i’ll warn you that finishing this stage may be tough. but it’ll only take sixteen seconds of your time.

8 thoughts on “be the hunted”

  1. i figured there was probably some simple trick that would solve it. this is part of why i’m finding bangai-o such a challenge: there are so many tricks, and i don’t know them all!

  2. Must buy Bangai-O… I was playing the DC version the other day, how does this one hold up? I heard it was incredibly difficult (which is a good thing). The way you transmit levels is pretty fucking cool.

  3. There are indeed lots of tricks to Bangai-O Spirits. Did you know that the blue part of lasers doesn’t do damage to the player? Or that Longai-O’s can’t counterattack a player’s EX while they’re dashing?

  4. bangai-o spirits is fantastic once you can get over the learning curve. the learning curve of bangai-o spirits is a wall.

    the game itself is built around a very neat level editor, which is appropriate as the original bangai-o has probably the most traditional (and excellent) level design out of any of treasure’s gameography. suitably, the included levels in bangai-o spirits are devious, inventive and, often, fiercely hard and only a couple of minutes long, a pleasing combination. they’re also pleasantly diverse.

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