the bomb factory

the bomb factory

here’s a stage for bangai-o spirits! it’s an mp3 – play this for your ds and it will learn a new stage!

the bomb factory is just me getting my bearings in bangai-o’s level editor – a nice one, by the way. tap any object you’ve already placed to select it and place duplicates: that’s usually the first feature i look for in any editor. this stage contains a bunch of ideas i liked, and explosions.

a while ago i heard the gilled hall sponsored a bangai-o level design contest. i have no idea how this might have come about. when i went there they were pretty gung-ho about “pc gaming”. this seems uncharacteristically interesting of them.

speaking of that place, my laptop – the only thing i have to show for the six months i spent at that place, besides debt – is at the computer doctor right now, coughing up bits of hard disk. so if it occured to you that i’m making a lot of stages for console and handheld games lately – that’s why! it’s also part of the reason the everybody jill off contest results aren’t up yet. i’ll try to have them online by the end of the month!

3 thoughts on “the bomb factory”

  1. it’s also a really clever solution for exchanging data between dses. what are two things the ds is naturally equipped to do? output audio and (through the mic) input audio.

    it sidesteps the need for an online infrastructure – in fact, it relies on the existing internet for distribution – or for some kind of physical media.

    plus i really like the mental image of two little game machines talking to each other, telling their friend all about neat stages to play.

  2. It seems like a roundabout way of doing it, considering the DSes have ad-hoc wireless. The physical immediacy of hearing the signal and being able to record it is cool and a bit magical, though, like when games used to use passwords and you knew that if you really tried, you could hack up a password that worked.

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