i am a gun

pixel sundays!

this is the pause screen from calamity annie. have you seen the pause screen? just click away from the game. (you might not want to do this in the middle of a shootout.) when you come back to the game, you’ll find it paused. the idea is you’re setting down your gun, and you unpause by picking it back up again.

i happen to like this little pistol. look at me, drawing guns! i may as well be enrolled in the guildhall’s art program.

can you possibly be ready for a guildhall anecdote? when i was there they had the art students (their definition of art being “photoshop”, of course) design and draw a bunch of guns from a bunch of angles. one of my classmates, less than interested in perpetuating the stupid violence prevelant in games, subverted the assignment in a clever way: he designed guns that were cute and impractical, like a “pea shooter” that fired actual green peas.

i’ll be at folsom street fair today. if you live in the bay area, just listen for obnoxious, unmissable caterwauling. that will be my slut.

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