helena the broglin

a few months ago, i was commissioned by adam robezzoli to design a logo and mascot for his forthcoming online game culture shop, attract mode. this is helena, named after a former classmate’s chubby baby daughter (she is a champion drooler). helena is a broglin, a cross between brogmoid and moblin (or “molblin” if that’s how you swing).

i began with a preliminary version of the 16×16 sprite that adam requested, which i then enlarged and began to detail. helena’s d-pad eyes mirror the d-pads that form the Ts in my attract mode logo. (there’s also a d-pad on her shield!) after i completed the character, i made some final revisions to the 16×16 sprite to match the finished design.

the finished logo, along with alternate color schemes for helena, can be seen in my recently redesigned portfolio (there’s a link on the sidebar). rumor has it a shirt bearing helena’s adventure-ready image will be on sale when the shop launches. maybe a shirt by the inscrutable james harvey as well.

4 thoughts on “helena the broglin”

  1. Your pixel work is wonderful. Pixel Sunday is becoming my favorite weekly event.

    I meant to say something about the last couple of fonts you posted, but this pushed me over the edge.

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