the joy of cybersex

not everyone with a PC is a nerd

annarchive has been around for almost two years now. it was begun as a way for me to ensure that a bunch of game-related scans stuck around after the site i found them on went down, but more and more it’s become a place for my own efforts to scan and preserve important game- and technology-related documents.

the latest of those is the joy of cybersex, a mammoth 350-page book on the pre-internet world of digital sex. i’ll let you read about it at the link, but i’m overjoyed to be able to preserve joy of cybersex and make it available to a post-internet world. it wouldn’t have been possible without simon carless’ donation of the book (he found it for one dollar at a book sale) or everyone who contributed to a campaign to crowdsource my efforts at scanning and editing the entire thing. it took way longer than i expected due to the broken arm. i’m glad it’s finally finished.

one last note: i’m collecting 3.5″ floppy diskettes. i have a usb drive and i’m scanning disks, dumping their contents and making them permanently(?) available on annarchive! if you have any old shareware disks sitting around and are interested in donating them, email me at collectfruit at gmail dot com!

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