new zines: anna’s guide to freelancing & more

anna's guide to freelancing


hey all! there are three new zines available in my online store in both paper and pdf forms! they are:

anna’s guide to freelancing: how to not starve or burn out. a collection of advice from my years of freelancing, on how to advocate for yourself with clients, how much to charge, how to work from home and not burn out, etc. a ton of things i’ve had to learn the hard way, basically. you can think of it also as a kind of pep talk on respecting yourself and your work enough to charge a livable amount of money for it. marissa luna did the cover and jenn kaplan contributed a section on taxes, which i don’t know shit about. i’m really proud of this one.

abridged galactipedia of worlds in the hubworld region. an illustrated version of the text file that comes with where in the galaxy is kremlin san antonio? my original vision for kremlin was a digital game that came with a physical component, like the old carmen sandiego games, with their thick paper almanacs. when the game was picked up by gaming in color as a kickstarter reward, that became logistically harder to do. i came back to it, though, because i think the writing in the galactipedia stands pretty well on its own. this version contains a bunch of illustrations by moi as well as a free download code for the game.

what if it’s killing you? a collection of miscellaneous things i’ve written for various places, most of which have never appeared in print. they range from shorter pieces on dinosaur dreams, garfield’s anomie and fanfiction about videogames to longer pieces on experiencing cyberspace and cybersex as a young trans woman and the ways in which women in games and tech fields are expected to martyr themselves. the latter was written for an upcoming anthology on women in tech, “lean out,” but i got permission to include it in this zine.

all of these and many of my earlier zines are available in my online store! (save a buck if you buy all three together!) i only ship physical products to the us right now, because of the unpredictable expense of shipping internationally, but you can download a pdf anywhere in the world. because free selz accounts don’t have a “shopping cart” feature (meaning customers can check out multiple items at the same time), you should email me at the address on the site if you want to buy more than one physical item. (a bundle counts as one item.)

thanks to kissing covens’ patreon patrons for supplying the budget to hire artists and contributors like marissa and jenn.

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