the mystery of the missing mythics

the mystery of the missing mythics

magic missile was my first experiment in designing play around internet image searches. some time later i had the idea of a twine game that would pull images from image search for use in the story. i liked the element of chance that image searches provide: really specific searches will have really similar results, but most will have a pretty diverse selection. the google image search API was way beyond me, though.

i worked on other things for a while until i had the idea of structuring the game like madlibs – that way most of the technology would be on the player’s end (image search sites, tabbed browsing) and not mine. that meant most of my work was in finding good image searches and finding surprising ways to use the images the player picks. which i hope i did a good job of. THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MYTHICS was one of my most fun twine stories to write, and is probably one of the silliest.

i tried a new thing with this one: i let my patreon patrons have access to it a few days before everybody else, during which time i added a few of less necessary features i wanted. (those features were a set of default images players can use if they want to skip the image search part of the game, and the ability to pick images for someone else and send them, encoded. it might be the first recorded use of the rot13 function in twine.) patrons also got an early concept demo. i’ll probably do this with future games – if you want tons of updates and sneak previews of stuff i’m working on, being a patron is where it’s at.

play THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MYTHICS! the type that appears in the game is copse.

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