gay cats go to the weird weird woods



GAY CATS GO TO THE WEIRD WEIRD WOODS is my latest osmo-like game – as in, a charming little adventure where you just wander around and see and hear neat things and don’t have to worry about messing up and losing. it’s kind of a continuation of emotica¬†except that instead of appropriating icons i did all the art and animation myself. it’s about my cats.

my cat, encyclopedia frown, and my partner’s cat, tits (aka “the kitten”) really like each other, okay? i wanted to give them a little adventure. it was important that you could play as both cats but i didn’t really want to make a two-player game, so i just made the same controls move both of them. i’ve been playing a lot of nightmare cooperative.

it creates some interesting situations where moving and interacting with one cat causes the other cat to interact with other stuff too, but i tried not to get too cerebral with it. i wasn’t interested in making a puzzle game.

i played around with some shortcuts for putting pretty-looking screens together quickly. a lot of objects randomly choose their exact appearance when the screen loads, so i could just draw a wall of trees in the editor and have them be all different colors in the finished game, with bushes and withered old trees interspersed. the different patches of grass and specks on the ground also work like this. i can use a single object type to provide a bunch of visual variance this way. (i kind of stole this trick from adam atomic games, especially fathom.)

i used a similar trick for the audio. i got a ton of samples from freesound and then have them play at random: every time the kitties take a step, for example, it plays one of four notes, randomly stringing a little tune together as you walk. full credits for samples are in the readme file Рthere are a ton of them. the voice of encyclopedia frown was provided by me, the voice of the kitten by my partner xandir.

you can download gay cats go to the weird weird woods here. it’s only for windows at the moment, but the source is included in case anyone wants to port it to osx or html5!

gay cats was funded by my patreon sponsors, without whom i would have a much harder time making ends meet and creating little games like this.

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