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on max temkin

cards against humanity co-creator max temkin has been accused of rape and written a post in response where he A) tries to side-step the accusation by positioning himself as a “feminist” and an ally and B) makes new threats at the person accusing him. you can read a post by temkin’s accuser here and a summary / response to temkin’s own post here.

my partner and i heard the news about temkin’s accusation while staying in a hotel room that was paid for by him. cards against humanity is one of the sponsors of the queer games convention gaymerx, and they had chosen my game TRIAD as one of a bunch of games they wanted to exhibit. i’ve never been comfortable with a game designed to encourage jokes about date rape, trans women and sex workers, but a twentieth-story hotel room in san francisco isn’t a luxury i can often afford as a queer artist, and so i accepted. if they want to redistribute some of cards against humanity’s money to a bunch of poor queers, by all means.

you can imagine my partner and i were not thrilled to discover that our sponsor was essentially using us as a means of excusing himself from a rape accusation – trying to purchase allyship so that he can use it as a shield against having to be held accountable for what he’s done. i feel pretty fucked up over it. i feel used.

i want to point out that the representatives of cards against humanities i interacted with at gaymerx (i never met or interacted with max temkin, to my knowledge) were great and super helpful. though i can’t help but feel really weird, in light of temkin’s accusation, that he seems to only employ women and sponsored mostly women to travel to gaymerx for his games curation.

as an added bonus, here’s a card that was given away as part of a complimentary “rejected cards” pack in the cards against humanity room at gaymerx, a queer safe space (the same room my game was displayed in). it says “my dick in your mouth.”

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