star wench: the digital edition

star wench went into print in march (physical copies are available on amazon). it’s my most perfect work of art, i think – it’s a choose your own adventure book about a sci-fi space femme and the hundred ways she can die, so it’s the perfect venn diagram of all my interests: pulp fiction, kink and sadism, chance in storytelling, queerness in space. you open to a page at random and read a one-page story about the terrible fate that overcomes you on your quest for the unassailable interstellar tyrant, the queen of space.

you can see that having the thing available in physical book form is important: you have to be able to flip open to a random page, to skim around looking for the good pictures, to try and concentrate on parts of the book you haven’t explored much yet. but, at the behest of my publisher, i made a flash version of the book to show to press (which made it possible for star wench to get selected for inclusion at indiecade – the place where, a year before, i got an email from kate jonez saying she would publish the book).

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the flash version does everything it can to try and replicate the essential parts of reading the physical book. an index allows you access to all 100 pages, greying out the ones you’ve already seen. a “random” button will take you to any page you haven’t seen yet. there’s a “last page” button that acts like a bookmark. there’s also a new illustration from sloane leong (in addition to the twenty illustrations in the print version), but how do you find it? that’s a mystery.

the flash version of star wench is available on gumroad (along with my other for-sale games) for five dollars, which is half the price of the print version. to be clear: what you’re paying for is a flash file and an html file that are designed to be viewed in a web browser on a computer. they’re not designed the with the kindle or ipad or android phone or any other e-reader in mind. it’s not an e-book, it’s the control panel to your new starship, and adventure awaits!

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