michael jackson’s that bit where michael jackson leans over really far

i don’t know if i mention this often enough, but my magazine has a pretty fucking rad forum. this past week’s topic of conversation: games for the wii balance board.

Obedience: The Game
A game wherein you must use the wiimote and balance board to obey complex commands — but when you fail, one of your Miis is killed via electric shock. Unlockable special “electrosurf” play mode, and “Milgram classic” wherein you must obey audio cues to electrocute your Miis.

(courtesy Sediment)

What Did You Get Me? Is It A Watch?
The perfect gift-giving simulation. Players take turns picking up the Wii Balance Board(tm) and shaking it in their ears. The Wii-mote(tm) speaker will give audio clues as to whether the present is soft, fragile, or alive.
(courtesy helicopterp)

Duke Nukem Jackboot Stamping on A Human Face Forever
‘It’s time to kick ass and stamp repeatedly on a face. And I’m all out of ass!’
Join forces with wisecracking action hero Duke Nukem to live out George Orwell’s brutal analogy for the future of mankind! It’s you, Duke Nukem, and a gymnasium full of human faces. Whose legs will get tired first?
(courtesy Harveyjames)

Street Protest
Can you stay on your feet when rushed by a wall of riot shields?

How about staying vertical under water cannon fire?

And you have to hold up your sign (wii in hand) at the same time!
Or throw stinkbombs, rocks, molotovs. (In the Riot Bonus Levels.)

Bonus points for returning tear gas nades and flipping/torching cop cars.
(courtesy Redeye)

XX/XY: Sit On My Face
Quirky relationship game from the makers of Project Rub.
(Harveyjames again)

6 thoughts on “michael jackson’s that bit where michael jackson leans over really far”

  1. It was, and I think it should include a co-op mode where other players have to lose their balance in order to portray the shock of the other Nintendo executives. Ang Lee should recast the role of the Incredible Hulk if he ever shoots a sequel.

  2. don’t people that read your site already read the gamers quarter? this post is some kind of circle-jerk hi five bro kind of thing, isn’t it?

  3. while i think my blog and our forurm have a pretty strong venn diagram, i like to think that my site is interesting enough to attract other folks, whom i like to think of as potential gamer’s quarter posters.

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