chikkingun: postmodern war fair is a game by meghan pardee and amon26 where you use a gun that fires chickens to fight knife-wielding rené magrittes, spider-legged duchamp toilets and decomancers. it reminds me more than anything of giddy shareware like the last eichhof, games that exist unabashedly to just be a canvas for their creators’ imaginations. if we can return to a time where tiny, weird games like this can be sold, i’m ecstatic.

you’ve maybe noticed i’ve been posting a few commercial games lately. i like to think that people are also becoming more comfortable asking for money for their games, even if the games are little, even if the games are weird, non-technical, unpolished. maybe we’re finally moving past the idea that the value of a game can be measured in how many hours you’re asked to spend in front of it, in the layers of visual polish it’s doused in. the thing that still thrills me about the shareware movement is the variety of the weird stuff that authors created and asked for money for, even if most of them probably made very little. maybe this is our chance to build a new economy that values little strange things.

chikkingun is four dollars.

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  1. It reminds me of the shareware and floppy disks and CDs that you talked about in your Rise of the Videogame Zinesters book: save that it is utilizing the Internet and there is some small monetary price attached to this.

    I definitely want to see where this trend goes and it might go a long way to making game creation more accessible and ubiquitous. And the gems that can come from it …

  2. ’tis totally coolies how things like the ‘net is enabling more and more people to express their unique culture (and spirituality) and, perhaps, thrive as well :3

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