consensual torture simulator

DISCLAIMER: this is a game by my girlfriend. she is selling it for two (or more) dollars. in this post, i try to convince you to give my girlfriend money.

games, particularly digital games, depict violence frequently, casually. you’ll mow down the population of an entire town over the course of a game. so much of the violence in videogames is not only nonconsensual, but also consequence-free, a power fantasy where the digital world has been designed to be permissive of your whims. violence against bodies in mainstream videogames isn’t limited to bullets and cars: in grand theft auto, the player gropes strippers to fill up a meter. bodies in this game exist for your consumption.

consensual torture simulator is radically different: it’s a game where, within the context of a loving, negotiated relationship, you consensually hurt a partner until you mutually arrive at an agreed-upon goal (making her cry). you think about violence differently when it’s asked for, and when the person receiving it is someone that you care about – it has consequences. you start checking in, paying attention to her physical and emotional state. this is not the depersonalized violence of so many videogames.

consensual torture simulator also talks about something that’s absent in many discussions about kink: it talks about the top’s experience, about how actually tiring it is to swing your arm so many times. when you take a break – when you create break by teasing her, by touching her, by scratching her bruises or whispering threats in her ear, you’re doing it as much for your own endurance as for hers. we think that just because tops have the authority within the scene they don’t make themselves vulnerable.

this game is about negotiation, impact play, and aftercare. it’s a take on violence that is intimate, sweet and tender. i’m naturally biased; i can’t help seeing some of my own mannerisms in the protagonist, or some of my girl’s in the protagonist’s partner. it’s a thirtieth of the cost of grand theft auto. imagine if for every game like grand theft auto, thirty games about loving, consensual, negotiated violence existed. you can buy consensual torture simulator on gumroad.

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