i am on patreon now

so i put my newest twine piece up for sale, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to stop making free games. as i told leigh alexander, part of my trepidation about putting my games behind paywalls is that the people will the least money and means, the people with the least access within games culture, are the people i most want to have access to my games.  i still want to make games that are free – but i also have a hard time making ends meet when most of the work i do for games communities is unpaid.

to that end, i’ve decided to open a patreon account. that means you can commit to paying me a certain amount of money – five dollars, ten dollars – whenever i make something. (if you pledge at least twenty-five dollars, i will whisper your name into a lover’s ear.) specifically, whenever i release a game for free – a non-digital game like uroos maluroos or the twine thing i’m working on right now about queer love and the end of the world – i get some money for it.

and the games i make are totally 100% free to everyone, whether they paid or not, same as they’ve always been. but now the time and work i put into them will help me with my rent a little.

my patreon page is right here.

2 thoughts on “i am on patreon now”

  1. Patreon sounds like a really cool idea, I was waiting for someone I knew of to create an account there.

    I really enjoyed encyclopedia fuckme and the case of the vanishing entree (even though I sucked at it and had to get my boyfriend to play it and figure out how to get the good ending), and dys4ia was the single most interesting thing I’ve played in years. Portal was really cool, but dys4ia blew open my understanding of what a game can communicate.

    And I used your twine tutorial to make a birthday present for my sister, which she absolutely loved. Anyone could build the games I build at work, but only I could’ve made a game that made my sister feel like I was right there with her when she lives across the country from me, and your tutorial helped me do that.

  2. Is it sexy whispering or obnoxious whispering or that kind of whispering where you have no idea what they said cuz it just sounds like static. I need to know!

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