a very very VERY scary house

a very very VERY scary house was written for the choosatron, which is a cute little machine that prints out branching stories on receipt paper, with four buttons to allow players to make choices.  the best part, though: it runs on twine, and you can upload your own stories to it using a usb cable! a very very VERY scary house is going to come built in to every choosatron, but you can buy the html version on gumroad for two (or more!) dollars.

writing a very very VERY scary house was a challenge because the choosatron doesn’t keep state; all of my other twine games track information using variables. that means that it’s more like an authentic choose your own adventure book than anything else i’ve written: it’s constantly branching, always moving forward, and all of the branches contradict one another. there are 58 unique endings. this is probably the largest twine story i’ve ever written, at over 11,000 words in 197 passages. it’s silly and goofy – i wrote it over the course of a week and didn’t revise any of it, save for correcting spelling and grammar errors.

buy a very very VERY scary house on gumroad!

i wrote a book about distributing games like zines; it makes sense to try and sell one through a service that my comic book friends use to sell their zines. the more successful indie game developers have totally sold out the smaller ones by massively devaluing little games: shit like the “humble” indie bundle offers a massive amount of content for a minimum of money. why would i buy a twine game for two dollars when i can get ALL OF THESE POLISHED INDIE GAMES for the same amount?? this is an attempt at pushback, at establishing a precedent for folks to be able to sell little twine zines and make some money off their work.

the amazing shelley was rad enough to contribute some art to the game. the story is dedicated to encyclopedia frown, my familiar, who turns two this coming halloween. (i arbitrarily decided that halloween was her birthday, because the math permits it and because she’s very witchy.) she kept me company for much of the writing of this story, and has been a super supportive companion to a thirty-year-old teen witch.

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  1. Have you thought about releasing this on Kindle? Could it work as a Kindle Single?

    I think it would reach a larger audience, of people who are willing to pay for stuff.

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