a lot of games and the media surrounding them have been lost ¬†forever. some of that ephemera has been thankfully captured, scanned, put online by armchair archivists. fan magazines, instruction manuals, art books, comics and trading cards and calendars, hint books, gamebooks. i’ve managed to accumulate whatever i could. recently – i’m avoiding details – one of the biggest sources of this stuff disappeared from the internet. leaving me with over 35 gigs of GAME HISTORY burning a hole in my hard drive.

no, really, my hard drive failed. i had to buy a new one.

meanwhile, the generous dana kipnis gave me some space to host an archive: not enough to hold thirty-five gigs, but hey, i decided, i can rotate stuff periodically. then colin marc wrote some quick python code to generate a list of links, and there was no reason not to do it.

ANNARCHIVE is now online! our first feature: the home of the underdogs gamebook collection, a bunch of gamebooks recovered from¬†sarinee achavanuntakul’s late (but living) game archive site. sarinee is gaming’s first historian and archivist; it’s only fitting that annarchive be dedicated to her. check out the “be an interplanetary spy” series, a bunch of visual puzzle / comic gamebooks that attempted to ride the popularity of arcade videogames, and the fifth issue of diceman (a comic gamebook series), featuring a playable political cartoon starring ronald reagan and illustrated by hunt emerson.

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  1. Have you considered uploading the data to for preservation? It sounds like the sort of thing they’d love. Apparently (, “they are basically seeking to store everything available in digital format that could be of any historical use at some point – preferably first making sure it’s store and worrying about legal questions only as they arise, as it’s better to have something but take it down than to be able to publish it but not having lost it to history.” They already have publically available archives of the No-Intro and TOSEC software collections, so even if you have your own complete archive it’d probably be worth uploading stuff to them and seeing what sticks.

  2. Sarinee’s website was so important to me when I was like 18/19.

    Speaking on this subject, I was going through your old blog posts with the “hack” tag and all of the infoseek japan and geocities japan stuff is gone :(

  3. The Home of the Underdogs was my first introduction to the amazing world of freeware games, so I’m glad their work lives on.

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