dragon warrior text adventure

nintendo power magazine was put together by nintendo of america as a marketing tool to sell games for their nintendo entertainment system and to get kids attached to the nintendo brand. in 1990, they had the task of getting their young audience interested in a game called dragon warrior that was heavily inspired by the dungeons & dragons role-playing game. deliberately obscure in many ways and full of pretty obtuse systems, this was probably a hard game to get a handle on if you hadn’t seen anything like it before. so how did nintendo power market this weird game? they drew upon the game’s mediated storytelling history – and made a choose your own adventure. the DRAGON WARRIOR TEXT ADVENTURE ran as a four-page feature in the march / april issue of 1990.

it’s a weird little intersection of digital game history and choose your own adventure, so i made a twine version of it. the typeface that appears in the game is amble.

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  1. Thanks for this! I beat the early stages, fighting a total of, I think, 3 battles. . . a *little* bit fewer than it would have taken in the original NES title.

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