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i’m sure i’ve mentioned before how much i admire jesse venbrux as a developer. his games experiment with persistence – between games, between players, between lives, often in unexpected ways. his latest release continues that work: nothing is ever cleared from the screen, only overwritten, so that as the game goes on the screen becomes increasingly both a record of the player’s path since the very start of play and a cluttered labyrinth of previous paths, platforms and actions that the player will need to see through in order to find the current objective.

the best part, of course, is that the pieces of the game’s ten levels overlap, and much of the challenge is in actually mapping out what the game looks like now, often by using your avatar’s own trail as a drawing instrument. neatly, discovering one of the level’s death spikes creates a fountain of blood that actually wipes clean the clutter in that area, revealing the path around that particular trap.

victory – “you made it!” – gets you a screenshot of the game as it looks at the end, effectively a screenshot of the entire game you’ve just played.

via that tim guy, again.

speaking of my favorite developers, by the way, messhof and cactus are apparently making a game together. how can i get invited to these kinds of parties?

4 thoughts on “you made it”

  1. Wow that messhof / cactus game reminds me a lot of Star Fox. With a bit of Stun Runner mixed in.

  2. I’m consistently impressed with the work of Jesse. He’s my favourite freeware artist at the moment, for sure. I should see if his site has a donate button…

  3. Oh, and that cacthof game looks quite fabulous, even though I’m not a very big fan of messhof’s solo work (Randy was bloody brilliant, however). Anticipation up!

  4. why dont you email them and ask? OH BECAUSE YOU ARE A COWARD i cant believe you didnt seek messhof out when you went to his game premiereereere

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