patches for queer pirates, zines for gay planets

i updated my online store with some things i’m pretty proud of, and i WANTED YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THEM.

item number one is a sew-on patch of an image i drew for merritt’s game, queer pirate plane, which she made for us to play at our new year’s party because she couldn’t be there. for notorious skyqueers, distance isn’t an obstacle. i’ve been making these patches on spare fabric we have sitting around using iron-on transfers. they’re pretty cool.

item number two is a zine version of my recent twine game, the hunt for the gay planet. i rewrote the game in a choose your own adventure format – make a choice, turn to the appropriate paragraph (there are 81)! i’ve been wanting to make more physical games for a while now. i’m really proud of this. a.e. stokes drew a cute-ass cover for it.

as always, we are struggling with money, and sales really help. the donation page still works, too, if you wanna just dump money on us. either way, my little queer band appreciates it.

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