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i realize now i’m never going to be able to keep up with all the amazing games twine is making possible. i’m not gonna try. and i’m not gonna weep, either, because i’m amazed and inspired by what so many people are accomplishing with twine. it’s like – the analogy i keep using is it’s like realizing your kid has finally become smarter than you. it’s liberating to feel unnecessary. twinehub is keeping a list of all the twine games. i’m gonna try and periodically post a bunch of my favorites, though:

mastaba snoopy is a journey through a hellscape of churning, melting charlie brown characters, a future built on semantic satiation, the kind of world spambots would build us given nanomachines and a copy of a peanuts collection. way larger than i was expecting it to be.

villainy uses player input in a neat way. i’d like to see more twine games let the player add her own words to the world. from little exercises, children’s doodles, emerges a world and a small, perfect story.

panic! is a timed twine story. the building’s on fire, you have six seconds to make any given choice. consequently, you’re often pressured to click quickly and base your decision on incomplete information. that is, TO PANIC.

one minute to apocalypse, released on the last day of the mayan calendar, also uses a timer. as the title suggests, the game lasts a single minute, then the consequences of your actions in that minute are revealed.

iron cohort uses text characters to map out a graphical approximation of a place: a fictional art installation, incomplete, or not completed as the author had intended, to explore through hypertext.

moonlight worried me at first, when i realized stephen fry would be a major character. but sticking with it, it quickly blossomed into one of the most perfect hypertext dreamscapes i’ve ever played.

cove of flies is an unreal ghost world, a cave whose compass directions map to nothing except the inside of the protagonist’s head. words tumble down the cave walls like loose gravel.

brooklyn trash king reminds me of matthew stokoe’s high life if it was about startup culture instead of hollywood, and featured more raccoons and magic. it in fact inspired me to make a song and video.

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  1. Brooklyn Trash King is my second favourite game of 2012 and I’m happy whenever I see it on lists of any kind. Thank you for making me happy.

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