porpentine’s latest is a meditation on the trend / trope / myth of sadistic computer overlords in videogames (and what an unsurprising place for such an archetype to emerge), one that situates the motif firmly within the realm of queer desire. porp is threading a labyrinth of feminine expression in digital games – the thread, of course, looks more like twine. i catch glimpses of an alien landscape, and the alien landscape looks like me. also recommended: howling dogs, an earlier work.

4 thoughts on “cyberqueen”

  1. goddamn this is just the most amazing game

    it’s also better than most sci-fi writing by a country mile (to say nothing of videogame sci-fi writing)

    i’ve never been so scared by mere words before

  2. Strong if occasionally purple writing but as for the torture thing, this old man will take “Starcross”…

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