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a while ago i put together a list of twine games, observing that most of the authors are women, queer, trans. it’s a cool demographic – a videogame community whose authors and output look totally different than those of mainstream videogames. i talked about this at indiecade, in fact – hopefully the video will be up soon.

MEANWHILE, the twine games keep coming. i ran a twine game jam¬†(the link is to my presentation) at bento miso in toronto, and the results were really inspiring. there were all kinds of people in the room, young people, old people, queer people, mothers, people of color, white folks. everyone who was there made a game – most used twine, some used paper. someone made a game about the fight she had with her partner that morning, someone made a game about wearing latex for the first time. my sense of twine as a game-making tool that almost everyone can use was renewed. here’s the only game from the jam that was uploaded (to my knowledge), but a lot of people participated in the show and tell we did at the end, after about an hour of work.

porpentine also ran a twine game jam recently that sprouted a bunch of neat games. here are some other recent twine games that are brilliant and beautiful:

brace is a two-player game created by merritt kopas for her partner’s and her anniversary. high noon is a conversion of a game from 1970. this is a digital restoration of a game that was made over a decade before i was born – one that still exudes character from the many flavor messages in its mechanically simple ruleset. and stygia is a game by kitty horrorshow that reminds me of “haunting starring poulterguy” in theme but is pretty different in tone. it hints at a world much larger than what we’re shown in the story – something much too rare in most games.

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  1. Hey, I won High Noon on my second try! Good game. It feels like something from a book of type-in games I read once. Maybe it was in one of them?

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