yume nikki

what yume nikki reminds me most of is lsd, but with soft 16-bit sprites instead of nervously fragile polygons. both games manage to simultaneously evoke the terror and wonder of the dreaming world. yume nikki’s particular strength is in how it juxtapositions the comforting warmth of nostalgia with the threat of the unfamiliar, creating an effect that is very unnerving.

appropriately, the only activity the protagonist (who is too scared to leave her apartment except in the frightfully unreal dream world) is willing to perform in the waking world is play videogames.

courtesy tim via sekhem.

3 thoughts on “yume nikki”

  1. oh man, thanks for sharing this. i was up until 3am playing it; probably should have stopped but it seemed like being alone in total darkness and silence was the only acceptable setting to play this game in.

    i’d call it the best homage to the mother games i’ve ever seen. more than just the perspective, those techy diagonal walls or the section that’s a wholesale copy of mother 1, this game exactly captures the kind of foreboding and vaguely ominous atmosphere i remember earthbound zero having. this is the first time i’ve seen someone else recognize that, much less build an entire game that evokes it perfectly.

  2. the entire mother series has this really sinister undercurrent that only occasionally breaks the surface. it’s particularly tangible in the original mother because so much of that game’s plot is implied.

    that’s why the mother scene in yume nikki is so effective: it doesn’t feel as though it’d be out of place, tonally, in the original game at all.

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