twenty-five bad hombres

pixel sundays has been on hiatus because most of the pixels i’ve been producing have been for calamity annie. now that the game is done, i have plenty of stuff to show you!

here are the twenty-five hombres that appear in the game (excluding five extra characters available to players who donate). they were all drawn with the same palette of six colors. i tried to use recurring visual motifs to reinforce the feel of an 8-bit game, where palette or tile swaps might be used to preserve memory. the more unique characters will only appear in the later rounds.

8 thoughts on “twenty-five bad hombres”

  1. Nah, it’s obviously the kid from ICO.

    The whole lineup looks like a set of Guess Who cards.
    ‘Are you wearing a top?’
    ‘Yes. Are you wearing any red?’

  2. I haven’t donated (yet), and I’ve seen a couple that are either shaded or not shown there.

    Love the game, though.

  3. everyone asks that. he’s a contemporary leatherman not as out-of-place as he ought to be among the leathers and ropes of the old west.

    but yes, one of the names i was considering giving him was “hard guy”.

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