calamity annie: a love story in the old west

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pull up a seat for yourself, partner, and i’ll tell you a story. a story of a young lass came tearin’ out of the west with a storm in her heart and the desert in her eyes. she had something to prove, by molly, and hell if she didn’t prove it – pistols at high noon, the way young ones proved themselves those days. a lady after my own heart. went by the name of annie – calamity annie, and you’d know why if you’d been fool enough to get in her way.

this game, calamity annie, was started in texas and finished in new york. annie’s got long legs. the graphics were done in graphicsgale, the music in organya twei, and i put it all together in game maker: meaning that – at least for now – the game needs a windows computer with directx to run. you’ll also need a mouse, since the game is entirely played with it. your mouse is your gun.

download calamity annie for windows or mac

the game’s totally free to download and play, but if you enjoy the game and want to see more like it, i ask that you click on the “donate” button below and make a small donation via paypal. even if you can only spare a buck, that would contribute toward entering annie in independent game festivals like indiecade and the igf. as an incentive, anyone who donates at least a dollar will receive a password that can be entered into the game to unlock nine extra characters.

be sure to tell your friends, enemies, blogs and web forums about calamity annie. stories, after all, live by the telling.

hey, here’s some gameplay footage courtesy tim at indiegames.

57 thoughts on “calamity annie: a love story in the old west”

  1. if you really want i guess i can give you the password and you can play my game with secret characters while i starve to death. mr. stingy!

  2. I suppose people still think I own a console or something…

    it’s fine really. save the secret characters for the donaters. :)

  3. this is a delightful game. graphics, mechanics, music, it’s all great. i won’t be too specific (unless you want me to) so that people can discover things on their own.

    at first i found it very difficult, but i soon got used to the mouse’s speed. i’m still not very good at it, i’m not really a twitch gamer… but i enjoyed it nonetheless. my high score so far is… actually, is there a place to view the high score? anyway, i got through the first 10.

    thanks for putting such a charming game out for us to play with :)

  4. I really enjoyed this game, especially the little touches (which I won’t give away). You’ve earned your dollar.

  5. you’ll only see your high score when your game is over.

    in a future version of the game maybe i’ll put it on the data options or title screen too.

  6. $1 for calamity jane’s(?) secret code or $10 for “the demon rush”? f*ucking hell i can’t decide poo

  7. anna you are brilliant. have I mentioned this before? well it’s true. you are everything I wish I could be in a game developer. don’t ever stop!!

  8. Organya Twei? (I know Organya, but searching for Organya Twei just leads back here.)
    P.S. It should go without saying, but I like the game very much. The names are a lot of fun, as are the cameos.

  9. The game glitched out once when I played through it 3 times in a row without shutting it down. It also seems to have a memory leak.

    Fun game. :)

  10. ran it and after the splash screen my pc crashed. :\

    i’d happily donate but i’d like to, y’know, play it first. is there any kind of compatibility issue you’re aware of? my video card is definitely on its way out.

  11. what’s the glitch? i’d like to fix it for the next release.

    the compatibility issue is game maker. a few people get the same crash and i don’t know why.

  12. It was one of the earlier fights. The visuals got disconnected to the action. I tried to shoot the hombre. It didn’t work. The screen went black. Then I heard a shot and lost a life. Nothing happened after that. Screen was still black.

    I looked at the task manager and it was using a something like 700mb of memory and when I tried to end the process it took a very long time and windows put up one of those send infomation to microsoft crash messages.

    I haven’t played that many game maker games so I don’t know if memory usage is normal.

    I don’t know how reproducible it is. It was the only time I played through it three time in a row without turning off the program.

  13. Query: why did you have to break my heart while/by ripping up all of my extra lives?

    That moment shot me down so bad I don’t know if I can get up again.

  14. I’ve been wanting to try your games for quite a while, but I am unable to get Mighty Jill Off or Calamity Annie to even start. It’s the same behavior in both programs, so I think the trouble is something in common. The splash screen for while the game is loading appears, but then it just shuts down – I think with a bunch of errors. I can’t check to see exactly what the behavior is right now, but I’ll try to update you when I return to my computer (I’m on a public computer at the moment.)

  15. No luck. It has a vague “unexpected error” message still. Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait until whenever I have a different computer.

  16. Awesome game. I love your personal touch which ‘taints’ everything in the game. We can tell you cared about making it.

    Also, it’s pretty fun but i wish I could shoot the tumbleweed.

    I, obviously hate tumbleweed with a passion.

  17. I’m having the same “Unexpected error” after the splash screen. It appears to be eating up too much memory for some reason…

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  19. oh yeah, the old paypal download link is gone because paypal closed my account. evidently actually using your paypal account to receive money is suspicious behavior. there’s a new donate button on the sidebar that goes through amazon.

  20. Love the game, even thought I’m bad at this kind of game. As a fellow gamer and designer (gotta work on becoming a PROGRAMMER and then I’ll be in business) I praise and support you… but I think i’m getting blinder since I can’t find any donate link! Please let me know, 1 buck is TOO LITTLE for this game!

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