calamity annie: a love story in the old west

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pull up a seat for yourself, partner, and i’ll tell you a story. a story of a young lass came tearin’ out of the west with a storm in her heart and the desert in her eyes. she had something to prove, by molly, and hell if she didn’t prove it – pistols at high noon, the way young ones proved themselves those days. a lady after my own heart. went by the name of annie – calamity annie, and you’d know why if you’d been fool enough to get in her way.

this game, calamity annie, was started in texas and finished in new york. annie’s got long legs. the graphics were done in graphicsgale, the music in organya twei, and i put it all together in game maker: meaning that – at least for now – the game needs a windows computer with directx to run. you’ll also need a mouse, since the game is entirely played with it. your mouse is your gun.

download calamity annie for windows or mac

the game’s totally free to download and play, but if you enjoy the game and want to see more like it, i ask that you click on the “donate” button below and make a small donation via paypal. even if you can only spare a buck, that would contribute toward entering annie in independent game festivals like indiecade and the igf. as an incentive, anyone who donates at least a dollar will receive a password that can be entered into the game to unlock nine extra characters.

be sure to tell your friends, enemies, blogs and web forums about calamity annie. stories, after all, live by the telling.

hey, here’s some gameplay footage courtesy tim at indiegames.

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