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  1. I hope you’ve been keeping notes on how all the privileges that you enjoy change over your life — it might make for a good book…it’d be interesting to see if biowoman privileges are shared automatically with each other or if there are nuances/differences…

  2. I just want to say I watched the entire interview and then felt light and giggly for a straight hour afterward.

  3. please be assured that I mean this as a compliment and not an insult: Daphny is a lot smarter than I had previously known!

  4. also! you mentioned in the holmes video that you had discussed the differences in the art styles of megaman 9 and 10. i can’t seem to find that though, where could I find it? i’m really interested in what you have to say about megaman, especially since many of your games have a megaman influence

  5. mighty jill off comes to mind, although obviously that game has more in common with mighty bomb jack than megaman. though sadly I have never played mighty bomb jack. D: i probably should.

  6. It was weird to see a videogame interview with normal, intelligent, people. But thanks!

    Where can I find more info. on that makemake/makimaki/? controller thing you both mentioned? I don’t even know how to write the name right, and Google isn’t a help.

  7. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

    By-the-way: the message that appears when a post gets flagged as spam says that the sites owner (or administrator, or something) is a ‘he’, which you may be interested in changing, if you’re able.

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