last night my friends and i finished – in the sense of “played every level of” – dyad, a game being released on tuesday for the playstation 3. it’s a beautiful game that uses sound in a way that is designed to be physically affecting – when we finished my slut and i were both drained and had to sleep. since i have nothing to add to what she’s already written about the game, i refer you to her review.

13 thoughts on “dyad”

  1. So, Alex, I have to ask: is there any game you don’t hate?

    That ragging on Rez serms to be turning into some sort of hipster trend is really kind of depressing.

    – HC

  2. The game or the review? I have to say that review was an awesome ride. I dramatically lowered my psychonaut goggles when I realized how awesome it was going to be. Wheee!

  3. hey readers please stop enabling alex by replying to him, if you havent noticed WE EDIT ALL OF HIS POSTS TO SILENCE HIM since he PROMISED a year ago not to post his stupid shit anymore

    thanks for not feeding the trolls
    -the management

  4. I didn’t notice. I took him at face value when he announced that his opinions were dumb and he looked like a monster because of his awful attitude. I thought maybe he had some of that terrible tasting tea that allows you to think all the thoughts your personality won’t let you think and he realized how awful he was.

    Strider’s comment makes more sense now.

  5. At this point I’m honestly a little curious as to what his deal is. What covinces someone that, upon encountering a blog which he apparently doesn’t like, the best way to register his disagreement is to complain about how terrible it is after every single post, even after it’s clear that his comments are just going to be deleted or have all content edited out?

    – HC

  6. I went on a Da Vinci Code style adventure because I was curious about this promise Daphny mentioned and also my brain is broken and will focus on stupid things. I went back and looked at more than a year’s worth of posts and while I still don’t know what she was referring to, I now have read a large number of his comments and have come to a conclusion so boring that it doesn’t even begin to justify the time spent.

    Alex doesn’t even disagree with Anna most of the time. He just seems to have it in for her. I guess that’s probably why he still follows the blog.

  7. hi guys, alex has been harrassing me and ma’am online for years now, and he finally left me alone because i just banned him from my blog and blocked him on everything else, ma’am is having trouble figuring out how to ban him from commenting here so LIKE WE SAID


    he is REALLY mentally unstable, there was a while where he was trying to find out edmunds address so he could find him in real life

    whenever you talk to him its contributing to his mental illness, the only way for him to get better is to stop giving him things to comment about

    thanks again
    the management

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